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  1. OverYourHead


    Dog House is such a standout
  2. OverYourHead


    In what world does dog house sound like 212
  3. OverYourHead


    This album is so fun
  4. OverYourHead


    It’s very bland but I don’t totally hate it
  5. Legit said it once before hen but go off I guess Everyone’s entitled to voicing their opinion queen, no need to be rude if you don’t agree
  6. L+F is insanely better than this, she’s trying waaaaay too hard to be “woke” or something, it sounds like a tumblr album from 2010
  7. The album is erm…not good..lol
  8. Put Me in a Movie Off to the Races Body Electric Cruel World Terrence Loves You Summer Bummer The greatest Wild at Heart
  9. OverYourHead

    Charli XCX

    http://lanaboards.com/topic/10616-nasty-cherry/?tab=comments#comment-748130 here’s the nasty cherry thread sis
  10. OverYourHead

    Charli XCX

    hahahaha is that true? That’s so funny
  11. Friday - Rebecca Black if you were a side dish, what side dish would you be?
  12. OverYourHead

    Song vs. Song

    Wild at Heart vs Dance Till We Die
  13. Some of the lyrics are a bit....tone deaf? She sometimes makes these sweeping statements she thinks make her sound “woke” I don’t hate the sound though
  14. I got Chemtrails Over the Country Club lmao Your personal values likely emphasize individuality, and you don’t mind taking a different path than most others. You pride yourself on this individuality, and others admire your deviation from the norm as well. When making decisions, you often follow your gut, seizing experiences as they come to you without flinching. You’re flexible and likely entertain your friends—often without necessarily trying. Sounds about right haha
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