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  1. He teased something a couple of weeks ago, either as a post or on his stories of him working on a song. The song was 7 min apparently. But we have no idea if it was for Lana. I’m just manifesting I’m imagining the girl that worked on the fonts, receiving yet another email from Lana saying the title changed again. « Gurl, wtf?!? Make up your damn mind! »
  2. Mike Dean did say there was at least one song on the album but « more work to come in the future ». I really think the new songs done together are good enough for release and change of album name (the 7 min song he posted a pic of is living rent-free in my head )
  3. He didn’t confirm it. He said we might avoid the delay… which is only possible if Interscope doesn’t want vinyls on release day.
  4. With a digital-only release for July. She would have to be done by now though.
  5. I really really see a greater contribution of Mike Dean on the album, with that BoZ post. Go Wild on the production, Mike!!!
  6. I wanted to hear RCS so bad in the passed days since I thought it would be another TJF/WHF moment. So the song got scrapped from two albums… Dont know how I feel about that. She wanted to name the album about that line so it has to be good… but it got tossed aside from two records… What is the truth? love that we might get a streaming only album in July though
  7. Thank God for the silence on the process and songs. Never thought I’d say that though!!!
  8. I hope he doesn’t!!! It seems we won’t hear RCS for a while, I don’t want to know about the scrapped songs!!
  9. Ok just saw part of the news… Mike Dean is more involved on the album, I think. so no RCS ?!?
  10. I honestly have no idea where the three singles will be on the tracklist mainly because I have no fucking clue how this album is going to sound like. RCS gave me summer vibes mixed with a pinch of UV for the « revenge ». Then there was the BB snippet that sounded spacey and soft. Then Mike Dean was rumoured and confirmed on the album. Then the three singles came out, with « a bit small » Mike Dean production nobody expected, and heavy writing. So what will the rest of the album will sound like?!?! It’s exciting in a way but mostly a bit boring since we know nothing and she decided to stay out of the spotlight (which I can understand in a way, but where the fuck is she in the process of it all?).
  11. I think a preorder with a new single in early July is realistic. With a end of August or September release.
  12. All I want right now is a solid release date, which should come in the next weeks. I don’t mind if she postpones BB later this year because we got Chemtrails in March and three singles already. BoZ’s post about « more to come » gives me hope some things are planned and about to happen.
  13. She kinda doesn’t have a choice, to say something When the project is postponed, she usually updates us around the given date. So before July 4, she will say something, I guess
  14. Haha same! And girl really needs to post something / anything real soon to hype this up to a bare minimum.
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