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  1. Contemplating God

    Song vs. Song

    Cruel World vs Chemtrails over the Country Club
  2. From "squeaking" to talking in circles and saying absolutely nothing, I'm over BZ!
  3. "It's not even about the sound of the album" ok so SHUT UP and stop with the hieroglyphics
  4. Rocky Candy Sweet is just a lyric. White Hot Forever teas. @IanadeIrey and I are over.
  5. Rock Candy Sweet & Blue Banisters It just makes so much sense in my head
  6. Let me start a fight, then... It's so funny to me that Blue Banisters sounds like a track Jack would make and does sound like NFR! and Chemtrails, yet it'll be praised just because he didn't touch it
  7. One produced by Zach Dawes and some Jack tracks sprinkled in there (fight me), the other produced by Rick and Mike Dean
  8. I would die. I am fine with waiting however long it takes to put it out if it's a double record.
  9. I honestly think that Rock Candy Sweet/Blue Banisters being a sort of double album is more likely than unlikely at this point. She did say she was working on two albums. Blue Banisters being a sort of country type of sound as suggested by the imagery of the music video, Rock Candy Sweet being more experimental.
  10. He did call it a "project." It might not be all music, or it could be the cover/poetry album with a few new songs here and there.
  11. I don't know what to make of what BZ said either, but I disagree with his taste in anything Lana, so I'm taking it with a grain of salt. Three predictions: 1. This really will be her Question for the Culture album. Name dropping publications and going against her critics. Probably including "Dealer," and songs like it. 2. It's a country record. I think this is the next most logical outcome. Especially given the imagery of the Blue Banisters video. 3. A lot of features/collaborations I really don't know. Hope all of you who hate Jack are happy he's not on the title track.
  12. I think Rock Candy Sweet, similarly to Tulsa Jesus Freak aka White Hot Forever, just didn't serve that title track energy that was needed.
  13. Blue Banisters snippet on repeat the way her and jack can spit on my food and i'd still eat it up. I just love this sound for her. Just laying in the park, watching the contrails and sunset as I listen to NFR! and COCC..no other album makes of hers makes me feel this way except for Honeymoon. (and some songs from AKA)
  14. So do we think this is coming out relatively soon, since people have the track?
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