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  1. do we even know if mike worked on this particular album or if he worked on a completely separate thing all together? like what... is telling us it's this album?
  2. I miss the pale moonlight days tbh.... like i'm over the candle in the wind Lana sing me a sexy song about being in your red dress and your clown makeup and dropping it like its hot in the pale moonlight again ugh idk, i just went back and listened to Paradise again and tbh... at the time i hated it compared to BTD but now to me it's so brilliantly written and the instrumentals just choke me when i hear them and notice the little things like in American and Cola and Body Electric, ugh. How is this woman human and living in our time? Idk I just need BB to have something really interesting and new and weird and genius again like things from the earlier albums is all. Don't @/ me trying to say "oh don't complain you just told us we shouldn't complain" and i'm not complaining i just want this album to be a return to form where we get absolutely brilliantly written songs again. i like some of the newer stuff but not nearly as much as i do paradise or uv or hm.... like fuck, yall, we really are in the same world as lana del fucking rey and she's really, really becoming an iconic masterpiece of our generation.... i just hope BB is written well that's all i ask... like Body Electric's lyrics, i need that level
  3. it's interesting bc gogo dancer is also on shazam so like.... it's such a random song, i think we got lucky last era. idk if shazam will leak the tracklist this time it's on shazam if you play it for the app, but not if you change numbers like people are doing
  4. happy birthday video games. i remember the first time i heard you
  5. "this bitch" lol calm down karen. go to her manager if you're so pressed
  6. I can’t at someone really trying to rick roll in 2021 lol or was that post made intentionally fake with the intention that we all knew it was a joke? Idk lol
  7. honestly tho what if she's working on a completely separate album with him? people already have the album so it's not like she's still working on new shit right? doesnt BOZ have the album?
  8. and it turns out to be her bubblegum pop era just to prove a point that she can have an entire album of radio hits like every other artist but she chooses to make what she wants
  9. Applause by Lady Gaga except it’s Lana’s version but it’s called Garage I live for the garage garage garage, i live for the garage rock, live for the garage rock living for your parents coming out to yell at me On the album we’ll sample your dad screaming i live for the garage garage garage (You) Give me critiques that i loathe Turn your phones off Put your pens down let me rock rock You give me critiques that i loathe Close the twitter app how much do you miss cocc? Cocc? G-A-R-A-G-E
  10. i've been telling yall DOUBLE ABLOOM this entire time that we've known about the July 4th date watch me be fucking right
  11. not yall reaching and wanting this to be a greatest hits album.... oof lol y'all go stream her best hit album UV i was joking i'm unmanifesting this rn
  12. every time someone refers to Blue Banisters as BB i think Brooklyn Baby and Black Beauty and i get confused
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