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  1. Apple’s interface sucks? It works well enough for me
  2. I’m only a few tracks into the album but I really like it. I usually don’t care for her, but this album is actually dope. Her voice is fantastic on this I can hear Lana and an Amy influence on this album so far
  3. i don't think so lol but at this point i don't think it's coming. didn't she say that like in 2017? lmao
  4. But for years we've had the pre-release threads like this where gifs, memes, and other jokes were allowed. It's just that moving posts makes things messier since the posts that are reference to other posts are now out of order in other threads and make no sense when other posts are kept here so now the Random Lana Discussion thread becomes the LB Out of Context Sequel thread. And then having two pre-release threads could be confusing bc you might not know where to post something and those gifs work perfectly in certain conversations :/ sorry elle i just wanted to say something and hope it makes sense. i could understand if we had more people trolling and shitposting but it doesn't happen all the time and it's not like we've had a giant growth of people in this thread talking. there's not much to talk about so it's usually the same 10-15 of us talking about it until there's news-- otherwise this thread would stay at the same page count for 6 months
  5. please no not all on one album unless it's specifically the unreleased favorite 25 album
  6. okay but what about 15 new songs we've never heard before? like i get wanting to have your favorite unreleased on vinyl and i'm gonna get shit for this, but cherry blossom isn't her best unreleased. it's repetitive and does nothing, it doesn't go anywhere. if i had to choose between that and something new to be released in its place, i'd happily take something else, given the risk it could be worse than cherry blossom. it's not a bad song, but there are so many better ones. and honestly, even if we got thunder, i'd much rather have some of those other songs from that session or something like dealer that we know we prolly won't have until it leaks at this point
  7. the lyrics make me think of lana tho "can't blacken the pages with russian poetry and be happy" where he talks about some russian book or something but other than that she's literally not heard in the entire song
  8. my body is a map of LA, I stand straight like an annnnngel with a haaaalo
  9. coming from a LFL stan i'm not mad, just disappointed...
  10. if it's a boy she'll name him cilantro
  11. someone tell Lana to cover this song on BB https://youtu.be/iT2O14CfXA8
  12. just do it, just do it don't wait. if this album's coming out then baby better walk away (from the drawing table) just do it, just do it don't wait, cause i don't wanna wait
  13. I wonder what will happen when Rupaul gets so old he just wants to retire. I think it would be cool to, if possible, have all the winners do one more drag race and then the winner of that would be the one to continue the show in Ru's place
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