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  1. I agree haha like its been more than a month since the first drop happened and I know the stuff from the second one probably won't ship probably until end of May at the earliest I just hope that they'll improve with their dispatching times with each drop haha like they know what to expect now so hopefully things will be better
  2. If the Blue Banisters era really is starting in two weeks (May 21st) then I wonder if (assuming I was right about the new merch drops timeframe) there will be more Chemtrails merch or new BB merch??
  3. I think its highly likely that Blue Banisters will comprise of songs that Lana worked on with Jack and maybe another producer, but we know now that shes currently working with Mike Dean! That said, I think that Blue Banisters (the song) is one she worked on with Jack, since it seems its already finished. I'm still wondering about RCS, though, and what happened to make her change it in between March 20th and either April 10th (the first post about BB) or the day she actually announced BB as an album title....I wonder if it had something to do with working with Mike Dean
  4. For the autobiographical theories, I could kind of see her doing something like that (especially with that IG caption about telling her own story!) Just hearing the lyrics from the BB snippet and how they're in the past tense, "said he'd come back every may, fix my weather vane, paint my banisters blue" etc. really makes it sound like these are things he didn't end up doing/promises he didn't keep I think that if she wanted to challenge critics who put her down for "glamourizing abuse," telling the story of her past relationships and the abuse she personally faced would definitely be one way to do it and get "revenge" lol Starting from her worst relationships, making her way through to her relationship now with Clay and how happy she is and stuff The other way I could see this going, is just portraying the relationships in this album as good and herself as happy, to show that she isn't who they think she is, and that they can't say she "glamourizes abuse" in this album, even if they still say it about her albums from the past
  5. The only thing is that, if Lana's doing something unexpected/something she's not done before, and if the title track is produced by someone thats not her usual producers, then I don't really see that with the snippet we got of Blue Banisters Which really does make me think RCS might be something separate tbh and that's what BOZ is talking about
  6. Did anyone get the Not All Who Wander shirt? I was thinking of buying it but the only size left is an XL and I was wondering how the sizing is haha
  7. I was surprised about that too haha, but honestly I think NFR was the one that brought younger generations in, who then probably went back and listened to Born To Die (hence why it still sells so much even a decade later!) Also I'm 23 and I'm Gen Z, I was like 13-14 when Born to Die came out, so it is really interesting that its been a decade and Lana is still attracting that same age range and obviously keeping her fans who have grown up with her music haha So I don't think it is a generational thing, I think it really just depends on your tastes in music and stuff
  8. Well I mean she said she was doing an album with Nikki Lane so that would indeed be folk/country lol
  9. I really like this theory! And I really want to believe its true haha especially because I honestly feel like when she was talking about RCS in her Instagram story, it kind of felt more like an album than just a song Like she said she wants revenge and I don't think just one song would do it tbh, especially when she's been feeling this way for a long time! Not to mention that there's a lot of things she wants to challenge, and I think she would go about it in a similar way to UV like with FMWUTTT, Brooklyn Baby (they judge me like a picture book), Sad Girl (watch what you say to me), etc. And also, after hearing the Blue Banisters snippet, it doesn't really seem like a "revenge" type of song, which makes me think the album isn't going to have that type of vibe either Unless of course her revenge is making an album so beautiful the critics have no choice but to love it haha (but honestly she kind of did that with NFR) I'm also very curious about this idea she's had that she's wanted to do for a while (and now would be able to do)...that doesn't make me think of a cover album, but something bigger than that, because she's tried to do cover albums before Honestly, I feel like it could be a band or something like that (but hopefully not for country music )
  10. I thought the same thing! The lyrics are definitely really similar haha
  11. okay but now that we've heard a snippet I feel like these could honestly be real lyrics haha
  12. Thank you for the pictures! And yeah, the shirt doesn't look bad but definitely not like how it looked on the website haha The bags look really good though! I bought one from the new drop and now I'm really glad I did haha
  13. That's so interesting that its more of a pink color, I got the cropped hoodie with that design and its definitely peach haha How does the crop top fit? I ordered the same one in white and I was wondering if would be like the 3D model or basically just a cropped t shirt haha If you could post more pics that would be great too!
  14. Thanks haha I emailed them about it and it seems like they'll send me the ones I ordered so thats good And yes! They're soft on the inside too and the raw edge does look good, its very clean and evenly cut haha Edit: I posted some pictures here if anyone wants to see!
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