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  1. You forgot the part where she’ll take selphies with the same fans for the 728273838929th time😍
  2. My favorite moment in these three songs is when she says “here’s the deal, you say there’s gaps to fill so here is the deal”. She says “So you don’t think I’m not being honest enough? Well I’ll take down my guards.” And then comes the arguably most punchiest lyric of the song: “My father never stepped in when his wife would rage at me”.
  3. As a non native speaker I always mix those two so did Lana maybe🤡
  4. I came around lfl and even that wasn’t this chaotic and I remember thinking how messy that release was back then…I was yet to see what was about to come…
  5. Wait why is Twitter saying dealer is coming June 1st and has the rock candy sweet lyric? I thought that was loved you then and now?
  6. Honestly I’m still shocked about her management. I really can’t think of a situation where an artist as big as Lana would give random dates and random titles in the same months of their last records’ release and get away with it. Interscope/Tap management should’ve deleted those posts immediately.
  7. My delulu ass hopes that bb,tb,we are track 1,2,3 and after the ww beats the album will grow from there and have a climax with mike deans production.
  8. Yeah I also think that it’s similar yet so different. This wasn’t like the jump from btd to uv to hm to lfl, the last three eras are much similar to each other. But comparing this to nfr and cocc it definitely feels different, I just want less pianos from now on.
  9. Honestly I wasn’t expecting them to be this much ballads so I was a little bit disappointed at first but now that I know what I’m getting into I love them for what they are. She hasn’t told a story this much since forever and I’m here for it. I love the production expect for the drums in ww (it seems like I’m the only one who thinks like this but they kinda scratch my ears?)
  10. With this team of her he better set up himself for a disappointment…sorry mike you deserve better
  11. One day we should categorize what delulus we are: I’m a ✨realistic but still delulu gay who doesn’t know how to add gifs and images✨
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