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  1. whiteroses

    Taylor Swift

    the trilogy rumours seem so real with all the hints taylor's given. but it would just feel so weird in the midst of her releasing the re-recordings. but i'd take a third and final album from the folklore trilogy as i love both folklore and evermore so much i don't wanna get my hopes up though
  2. whiteroses

    Bebe Rexha

    i doubt it as she doesn't do well with a label lmao - i kind of want her to release stuff independently as then she wouldn't struggle to release albums like she has when being signed. we've had her debut and the album version of AYF scrapped and this album postponed many times. and it's not like her label promote her now so it wouldn't be too bad on another note: sabotage is perfect, the production in the bridge is killer
  3. whiteroses

    Bebe Rexha

    since it hasn't been posted in here yet, she finally announced her sophomore album, better mistakes, to be released may 7th with sabotage being out tonight 35 minutes 55 seconds length insiders have said mama's cringey lyrics were re-written, the song was re-produced and is now 3:08 but the amount of features girl...
  4. will i ever be over dance till we die's bridge? signs say no
  5. haven't really kept up with this thread as pre-pre release threads are chaotic and i can't keep up but i'm really excited for this to actually come, hope she serves anger on this so we can alternate between RCS and COCC depending on our moods each day in 2021
  6. so, lana, you going to add some more signed lithos for user whiteroses or nah?
  7. screaming dance till we die's bridge in the car is an experience
  8. don't know if this was already said but the announcement from her YouTube & facebook was deleted insta is still up though
  9. dance till we die's bridge has been stuck in my head since friday, a truly iconic moment
  10. i saw someone posted this a few days ago, but i’m gonna say it... the opener and closer of the album are perfect, the meaning makes so much sense for them being opener/closer’s
  11. ever since i changed the albums cover to neil’s, i’ve enjoyed it much more i feel like an album cover reflects the music and neil’s suits the album better, the aesthetic is exactly how the album makes me feel
  12. let's just hope that's not the album cover (i'm sure it's not - but let's hope) also i'm not sure on the title rn, hopefully i'll love it soon i'm so conflicted rn between COCC coming out and now RCS like girl let me breathe still not over WD
  13. especially when insiders have said the album was finished for a while, so she's had a lot of time to make a new album
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