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  1. there's a likely chance they've been registered on shazam for awhile, or they were just randomly added, there's no way they're on the album
  2. if it's talking about lana & a grammy you know it's probably fake
  3. Surf Noir

    Song vs. Song

    fordham road vs. bellevue
  4. i think her natural hair color is dirty blonde, i think you can see it best in her ford modeling photos
  5. Surf Noir

    Song vs. Song

    pretty baby vs. fordham road
  6. i always interpreted that line as before she was famous, although it can definitely be interpreted in many different ways
  7. i'd rather lana have less youtube views/streams instead of chasing mainstream success, she doesn't need any validation from the general public
  8. the juniper jacuzzis, sounds like a luscious, naturistic space-folk magnum opus
  9. which shade of blue will the banisters be? i like "carolina blue"
  10. omg i’m living for the chaotic & excited energy in this thread the thought of lana releasing or announcing something on the anniversary of qftc would be iconic and honestly i can see it happening, this is really exciting!
  11. Surf Noir

    Song vs. Song

    freak like me vs. trash magic (demo)
  12. categorizing lana del rey with tramp stamps... it truly is unfair
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