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  1. when i realize i'm in the midst of a revolution
  2. this thread is 10x better when our posts aren't being moved
  3. "flying to the moon again" would be such a serve, the direct reference to heroin... a magnum opus i fear
  4. question for the culture... now that lady gaga has had a hit fan-forum, can i please go back to posting mariah gifs, glitter text, speculating the aesthetic of blue banisters, stanning wildflower wildfire, and begging for ufb & bikini gold, without being accused of ruining discussion, or saying that i'm glamourizing jared or darla?
  5. dealer when it finds itself in a mysterious folder titled "blue_banisters_scrapped" alongside "rock_candy_sweet_demo_2"
  6. all of the scrapped tracks when they end up getting scrobbled by some random insider
  7. lana will change the album cover again and it'll be a gif
  8. nobody's complaining about spamming, it seems like any post that's a funny gif post or similar gets moved, even if it's "on-topic", the occasional post with lyrics & gifs is not spam, especially since nothing's happening right now, and i feel like i've had posts moved when it was unnecessary, if i'm posting it in this thread, it's because i feel like it belongs here, i do think funny posts with lyrics & gifs belong because they bring humor and they're about songs which are from this album, nobody's really posting in the designated lyric threads because they might as well be posted here, more people will see them and it brings a social & fun energy to this forum
  10. all i'll say about the threads/posts drama is that it's pretty obvious what the general consensus is
  11. especially since absolutely nothing is happening right now, i don't see why we can't allow some lighthearted jokes & gifs, i'll admit, i can understand the gif spamming being a problem, although i personally don't mind it, i don't think creating a separate thread is a good idea at all, we just need balance, i think moving gif lyric posts into the song threads is just... excessive, and i think slightly off-topic discussions are okay since sometimes discussions will become off-topic, i just feel like it'd be a lot more enjoyable here if there was some lenience, we've complained about this before, so it should be obvious what the general consensus is...
  12. i don't really understand why jokes, gifs, memes, etc. can't have any place here? i understand needing a balance, and without any excessive spamming, yet, people like making jokes and i just think it's ridiculous that every post that's a joke or has gifs, or isn't "serious" discussion is moved, therefore being wasted because no one's gonna see it, a fan-forum isn't really the #1 place for strictly "serious" discussion, that's just how i feel, in the chemtrails pre-release era, it was more lenient and although we had moments where we did spam excessively, you could make jokes and posts with lyrics & gifs, and they could stay in it's respective thread, it's clear how the majority of users feel
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