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  1. Really enjoyed this article from the BBC. https://www.bbc.com/culture/article/20210407-lana-del-rey-and-the-struggle-to-be-mysterious-in-pop I still find it so funny that journalists always go on about how dreamy, sultry and angelic Lana is. Like, after you're done with your listen of Born to Die, can you go play Pretty When I Cry, Cherry or The Greatest. She is just not that artist anymore lol and she hasn't been for a while . . .
  2. I think we're at a point now where we don't need people persistently bringing up Lana's lack of mask in her photos, for these reasons: Different states (and countries) have different laws about when masks are compulsory, necessary or optional. Just because where you reside is/isn't mandated to wear masks, doesn't mean Lana is in a similar environment. Masks are only part of the solution and management of the virus is superior to the point of where it was last year - now we have well established methods of contact tracing, and a good awareness of hygeine and general social distancing. We have no context of these photos so if it's a house gathering, party, or private event people are generally not required to wear face masks. We know that Lana does use masks as there are plenty of photos of her using them properly. This double standard is geting really tired and it comes across like you're persecuting her for the sake of it. Take it from me, someone who was in the world's strictest lockdoen last year. We only have to wear masks on public transport now - we are ready to react appropriately if the situation changes, but it is really not that big a deal to see people without masks. I definitely don't see the problem with Lana not wearing one in a photo with a fan because I chose to believe that both her and the person she is with has proper awareness. She's been dragged enough to know what is appropriate.
  3. okay well whatever, another project I'll believe when I see it.
  4. I agree with a lot of placements on here. I'm still so disappointed with what happened to The Next Best American Record, which the reviewer perfectly captures.
  5. She should visit Byron Bay and fall in love with its celebrity status and well-being community. She would fit right in.
  6. Chemtrails Over The Country Club Survivor - 13 LANA DEL REY Era Survivor - 20 Steven Mertens Survivor - 14 AKA Survivor - 12 Little Boots - Hands Survivor - 26 Norman Fucking Rockwell Survivor - Round 2 - 10 Honeymoon Survivor - 15 Survivor (released albums edition) - 9 Ultraviolence Survivor - 11 BANKS - Goddess Survivor - 11 Number 1 Angel Survivor (Charli XCX) - 13 Born to Die Survivor - 10 Covers Survivor - 12 LFL Survivor - 4 Paradise Survivor - 10 May Jailer Survivor - 11 Laptop Demos Survivor - 14 LDR Music Video Survivor - 10 Norman Fucking Rockwell Survivor - 9
  7. New In Town - 2 Stuck On Repeat (Original Mix) - 21 Remedy - 10 Meddle - 11 Ghost - 10 Hearts Collide - 65
  8. New In Town - 2 Stuck On Repeat (Original Mix) - 30 Remedy - 10 Meddle - 11 Ghost - 10 Hearts Collide - 56 signing off bang bang, kiss kiss.
  9. How good is Hearts Collide! New In Town - 2 Stuck On Repeat (Original Mix) - 70 Remedy - 10 Meddle - 11 Ghost - 10 Hearts Collide - 16
  10. New In Town - 2 Stuck On Repeat (Original Mix) - 73 Remedy - 10 Meddle - 11 Ghost - 10 Hearts Collide - 13
  11. And actually they're all already on her YouTube account:
  12. This radiates 'boomer on Facebook' vibes.
  13. You ask this like she didn't release Venice Bitch and Mariner's Apartment Complex 9 months before NFR.
  14. Her exact words were: ". . . in the meantime I'm going to give you a digital record of American Standards and Classics for Christmas [2020]" Link. So I think what Ianadelrey is saying is that if it's written down it counts, but if it's spoken it doesn't.
  15. I'll believe it when I see it. She has no credibility when it comes to release dates.
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