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  1. We simply told you why INHA being on ADIAML was never an option to begin with for many reasons... like if you’re still convinced it will be on there for no reason be our guest lol
  2. This is produced so well how the fuck did this not make the cut
  3. But what’s the correlation with the new album? None Yes it would be logical to release it (like she has said multiple times) but putting into an album that sonically and lyrically has nothing to do with it + is 8 years apart makes no sense especially since she has never even hinted at that possibility
  4. this is just a playlist with all her unreleased fjdkkssk
  5. why tho?? like....// its a 7 year old song? y’all really deluded yourselves there were no signs at all 😭
  6. she technically never promised a deluxe for froot, she just said there might be a repackage but i doubt she was ever serious at all about it cause she would've reworked or at least mastered INHA and Saviour and they would've probably leaked
  7. The way y’all have nothing to do but bump endlessly this thread with trolls is amazing to me 💀💀
  8. Charlottexseax

    Charli XCX

    how is it that yall have time to beg for leaks please go get a job
  9. I generally don’t trust her world on it but if she’s being this upfront about it she probably is releasing a deluxe, which makes sense cause there’s not a whole lot of tracks
  10. This is a myth The GP (aka general public aka people who don’t keep up with artists religiously) doesn’t listen to leaks lol Plus album are regularly piratable through many means so if people were not gonna buy the album they would’ve found another way But still I *don’t* condone leaks in anyway cause it’s her property and she is entitled to releasing it on her own terms regardless of how good/bad the album rollout is
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/FUCKITIL0VEYOU/status/1392243070704529413
  12. Yall did y’all read the leaked lyrics on Twitter 💀💀💀💀💀💀 its even worse than we thought shw literally name dropped 3 different celebs 3 lines in a row 😭😭😭😭😭 EDIT: apparently they are fake
  13. Ooh that’s hard IDK.... I haven’t sung sung for anyone in years... as in properly singing and playing an instrument in front of someone I don’t think I ever did but I hope soon !! When was the last time you hugged someone?
  14. Politically charged ?? Women’s rights are politically charged now 💀💀💀💀💀💀 why y’all acting like we’re discussing communism
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