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  1. are all these ADIAML "writer's demos" on dbree real?
  2. 320kbps

    Melanie Martinez

    i'm still looking for a good masterpost come on kids i know one of you has one!
  3. 320kbps


    could you DM me as well please? i've only ever heard Bubblegum from her unreleased!
  4. 320kbps

    Melanie Martinez

    girl i wasn't.... i didnt even know u had one... i was hating on the mega i was replying to about 3 pages back. just bc i find u annoying doesnt mean every post i make is about u.
  5. 320kbps

    Melanie Martinez

    hi friends. does anyone have an up to date masterpost that doesn't have live recordings (or at least has them in a separate area or actually LABELED PROPERLY??)
  6. 320kbps

    Melanie Martinez

    that's what i thought too! but i'm not sure
  7. 320kbps

    Melanie Martinez

    true sorry i just looked at it :/
  8. 320kbps

    Melanie Martinez

    just select the ones u dont have and download those as a zip?
  9. 320kbps

    Melanie Martinez

    holy shit... what did i miss
  10. 320kbps

    Melanie Martinez

  11. 320kbps

    Melanie Martinez

    can someone post a folder of all the real leaks cuz i'm so confused i just downloaded like 50 things and idk what is a duplicate and whatnot sksksks
  12. 320kbps

    Melanie Martinez

    this thread is literally awful now it's literally 3-4 new accounts just CHATTING with each other like can y'all take that to PMs it's literally so annoying to trudge through 10 pages of actual nonsense with no new information or blatantly fake information and here i thought there might be an actual leak within 10+ pages that were added within a dAY
  13. 320kbps

    Dorian Electra

    Dorian i appreciate you switching positions in a god honoring way but PLEASE work on the album instead
  14. 320kbps

    Dua Lipa

    i missed it anyone have a new link?
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