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  1. the new video looks absolutely amazing and we've only seen 10 seconds also wheres the vinyl, madre
  2. did anybody else snatch the LFL coke bottle vinyl restock? 👀
  3. Damn the meet and greet is expensive + it doesn't include a ticket for the show, anyone planning on buying it?
  4. omg the video is gorgeous..... ughhh (didn't want to be a hater when u all said the other two were great videos but wtf were u on)
  5. bitch wha.. anyway stream marina & the misandrists
  6. i'm ready to buy every single vinyl version this b*tch decides to release (including baby poo and dirt from an old shoe variant)
  7. just bought the 3 cassettes+marinazine cd bundle and I feel complete hoping for vinyl editions! (btw don't forget to use the code MAR10INA before checkout <3)
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