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  1. Speaking of production, I hope this album takes elements from the production on Doin' Time. It suited Lana so well!
  2. Blue Jeans and National Anthem perhaps remain my two most favourite Lana songs of all time.
  3. I came here to say Get Free! The outro with the birds feels like a dream
  4. Some of her unreleased songs are literally unlistenable
  5. Idol Of Roses

    Azealia Banks

    She's taking all the negative attention off of Lana and putting it on herself, we WON
  6. The article is by https://twitter.com/Idonttwit Maybe we should DM him and ask why he deliberately took that out of context
  7. It makes me so happy to see these bullies get rightfully dragged by her, no matter how much they claim to be fans.
  8. She posted a screenshot so everyone could see
  9. When all the clips were put over the Hollywood sign and it just said HO on the screen askdjads
  10. I love that some of the poems have her handwriting and scribbles around them exploring different ideas/words to use and how she's thinking about structuring it. There's also ink blots and coffee stains on some of them lmao
  11. My copy just arrived! It's so nice. Somehow it seems physically a lot smaller than I was expecting but the book itself is quite deep. The photos are really cute too.
  12. Omg that Omg I was NOT ready for the bit at 0:47
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