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  1. BlueJeans


    Oh I didn't know she had a new song out ! I like it (first listen). I mean, is it what I would pick as a new single after a semi long hiatus, probably not. But it's cute, light, surely something I could listen to as I'm reading on the beach... The music video has a pretty color palette, as well. Two questions, though: - What is the symbolism behind her saying no to the golden horn ? - Why is she smoking fennel ?
  2. Interesting topic. I wouldn't say she's a pop artist just because she reached success with her first album. "Born To Die" indeed has pop-viability, imo: the singles can all translate to pop radio quite well). Enya has a number one song and a few other hits, which granted her visibility on the charts and airplay on pop radio stations, but that wouldn't make her a pop artist, right?
  3. BlueJeans

    Lady Gaga

    Yes, Dua Lipa is a good example imo (but I'll give her the "new thing in pop music" factor). But I'm totally agree with you... I'm curious to see the Chromatica stage, she usually has some cool ideas for her live tours. *** Happy Birthday to Born This Way ! I remember everybody melting down about the standard edition's album cover, some thought it was a fake etc... The tracklist is a rollercoaster for me: I love: - Marry The Night (cool) - Born This Way (it illustrates the album's theme well) - Government Hooker (very unique) - Judas (catchy) - Americano (a grower for me but such a tune once it hit me) - Hair (touching) - Scheiße (yas) - Bloody Mary (mysterious and again quite unique) then comes the big chunk that I skip: it's so camp and cringy to me (but I get the fact that it fits the theme and what not, so I don't want to be too critical) - Black Jesus + Amen Fashion - Bad Kids - Fashion of His Love - Highway Unicorn (It worked the way she used it in the tour, I'll give her that) I can then breathe again with - Heavy Metal Lover (one of my fall time faves) - Electric Chapel (very cool) Quickly skip The Queen (it can go with the other songs like Bad Kids etc.) - And finish with: - You and I (aaaw I remember her singing this one live towards the end of the Monster Ball Tour... So exciting.) - The Edge of Glory (Not my fave but very nice and the theme is touching too) All in all, a good concept album with a diverse tracklist.
  4. BlueJeans

    Lady Gaga

    Yes that’s probably true. As for the promotion, I assume it’s tricky to really fully promote an album during this pandemic. Not that there weren’t big successes but it can’t be easy... perhaps she’s planning on picking things where she left off later ?
  5. BlueJeans

    Lady Gaga

    Thank you ! It’s surely an ambitious project (you can see it with the album’s visual universe) but the music doesn’t follow through for me. « Stupid Love » was very disappointing and the album sounds very long... i do like « sour candy » but mostly Blackpink’s parts. « 911 » had an interesting video concept and execution.
  6. It’s my favorite part of all theee songs. « God I wish I was with my father »
  7. I understand what you’re saying, @vrtvie. Although I don’t have a problem with this style of song, I too find them more hermetic. I’ve listened to them a few times (not a lot, I must admit) and I still have a hard time understanding the melody progression. For instance, « Text Book » has this James Bond verses and then a poignant, ethereal chorus and I have a hard time connecting the too. I’ve also always admired Lana for her songwriting skills. Even if I didn’t always understand them because they’re personal, they all still made sense and told a story in their own way (don’t come at me with Betty Boop, you know what I mean 😂). And I’m often scratching my head with those three songs... it probably means something to her, so that’s good but it’s like a bunch of words and concepts and ideas thrown together to me.
  8. I listened to all three songs and Text Book is the standout for me, at the moment. Wildflower Wildfire is nice but hasn't touched me yet, might happen after a few spins. As for Blue Banisters, I feel like the snippet she shared is the best part of the song. The rest gives me the impression that the song is going in a dozen directions but without cohesiveness. But that's after my first listen, so that impression will probably change.
  9. Wait, how did I miss this, I'm going to listen to them right away (but oh gosh, it's like her artwork gets worse and worse with each release......)
  10. I just realized that Rock Candy Sweet somehow made me think of pop, dynamic and fun while Blue Banisters makes me think of the same country-ish, folksy blues she put out with Chemtrails... I think I was looking forward to the former more...
  11. BlueJeans

    Lady Gaga

    I'm gonna say it: "Artpop" had some great music (although some tracks were too lackluster for my taste) but veeeery few of them would have had any impact on the radio. Which, granted, is not necessarily the goal here. But I keep reading on YouTube how this track or this track would have been a hit and there's not a chance that would have happened, even with heavy promotion. Mind you, I love a lot of the choruses and such but I feel like only fans and music afficionados can enjoy it, not the grand public. Gypsy could have been an OK formatted single. I did listen to it yesterday again and still really enjoy Aura, Venus, Artpop, MANiCURE. Donatella, Mary Jane Holland and Applause are cute and so is Gypsy.
  12. I'm taking my time with this album, but this is definitely one of its stand out tracks for me.
  13. Oh this will be a lovely pre-birthday gift (June 2) Well... If she releases it on that day, of course...
  14. You know what, I was enjoying it without realizing it ! It's true that sometimes her voice can be drowned in vocal effects but it's often crisp and clean on this record. Cool !
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