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  1. Listening to the album version of FIILY right now. It doesn't sound different to the single release. However...I didn't listen to it a lot when first released to save the full album experience so maybe someone else will be more accurate. It sounds beautiful either way.
  2. Idolator named Venice Bitch its #1 single of 2018! http://www.idolator.com/7690250/100-best-singles-of-2018?view-all&safari=1&Exc_D_LessThanPoint002_p1=1
  3. There is no way the 'black narcissist' line is about another person, it makes zero sense in the context of the line or the song as a whole. What a beautiful, heart-wrenching song. A lot of it seems inspired by the Beat poets, the kind of accumulation of images from Ginsberg's stuff. So great.
  4. I feel like he deserves the benefit of the doubt - his work seems to enhance whatever the artist brings, rather than stamping his own style all over them. Lana is really strong melodically/harmonically so I would anticipate a richer, maybe more modern production than we're used to? Could be epic! The Bleachers album is really good too Obviously this is just wild speculation/baseless hopes...
  5. So if they are working together we can expect a poppier, rockier direction for new music?
  6. Gorgeous. She got top billing in a tribute to one of the most beloved songwriters of all time, singing one of his most famous songs, in a duet with his son! (after releasing a song with another famous son this year). This is fabulous, and the clips sound heavenly.
  7. Sydney Opera House?!? Please be true
  8. The video has grown on me but it would have been great - once she'd decided to use WM instead of BAR - to have filmed some horses, maybe her and a beautiful white horse juxtaposed against a backdrop of the futuristic cityscape? At least that would have tied the song & video together more cohesively.
  9. Lana's nominated for best solo artist at the Q awards! They're not quite the Grammys but they have some cred in the UK. She's up against St Vincent, Liam Gallagher, Stormzy and Ed fuckin' Sheeran . Wonder if she'll attend...? https://www.rte.ie/entertainment/2017/0906/902796-ed-sheeran-faces-liam-gallagher-and-stormzy-for-q-award/
  10. LaserKitten

    13 Beaches

    This song. Jesus. It's such a triumph. Listened to it while high and spun off into space. The production and instrumentation is just magical.
  11. The album dropped on iTunes around 4am in NZ and I'm trying to get over jet lag after flying from Africa yesterday, so it helped to lie restlessly in bed with my cat and listen to this masterpiece album. Some songs still growing on me but this is so much better and more cohesive than expected! LOVE IT
  12. To see her recording live in a studio... What a lovely gift. This era is full of such delightful surprises.
  13. Maybe she'll take a more conventional approach with the rest of the roll-out. Pre-order maybe six weeks before? I quite like how the song titles are slowly revealed in interviews, I wonder if she'll continue to do that?
  14. https://www.nylon.com/articles/how-lana-del-rey-sets-herself-apart Sorry if this has already been posted, but we're seeing so much more acclaim from the press these days. This is a nice article that reflects on the niche that Lana has carved for herself these last few years. I like how more critics are starting to see her integrity and artistry, and take her on her merits, rather than the same old misinformed slander. This album is poised to be a Big Deal. I'm so excited for her.
  15. I know nothing at all, but I seriously doubt that Coachella will be on the album. It was a very in-the-moment song that, politically, was pretty dated even by the time it was released - it had overt reference to tension between the US and North Korea. By the time the album actually arrives, Trump and his rogue's gallery will have filled the news with at least fifty new scandals and terrors. I like the song a lot but it felt like a little side-project, not a single or anything super significant.
  16. Well the 26th is almost over in NZ I hope that the next 2 months have a steady drip of stuff to keep everyone excited for the album. Surprised they would stretch it out so long but perhaps there are wonderful surprises along the way, including some we had no hints about.
  17. Whether the album is coming on Friday or two months from now, I'm enjoying the ride. New photoshoots, new music videos, interviews, performances, active social media etc. It's great! Certainly more energetic and fun than Honeymoon (no disrespect). Anticipation is good. Once an album is actually released a lot of the other stuff dries up, so enjoy this period while it lasts.
  18. Totally agree. She's 'revealed' song titles quite cleverly - each new interview (print or radio) she has given a song title and some context. It's both a change from, and more effective than, revealing the tracklist in one go. We get to savour it a bit more. And this would take a bit of intention, planning and savvy. It's not a 'normal' album roll out because she's something special Also, these three photoshoots so far are so striking and exuberant. I'm loving this era!
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