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  1. FUCK I love it, I take back my disdain for the name, brb, painting my bannisters blue
  2. So... are there two albums coming? There’s no way, right? This is Lana we’re talking about.
  3. I interpreted “it wasn’t quite what I meaned” as a her ambivalent response to the offer of a drink in the previous line with her being an alcoholic, possibly a “mean drunk”. She rejected the offer, but she didn’t want to.
  4. This is the first of her records where I consistently listen to the whole thing back to front - not that I didn’t before, it’s just that I would obsess over and settle on individual songs (or a group of them), but this feels like it has to be listened to as a singular statement.
  5. Re: “country”, her album descriptions have never been accurate, I wouldn’t take them too seriously. Whilst I love her dark, cavernous trip-hop work of yore, I totally trust her continuing with a more organic sound. And if so, I’d love for her to go down the route of Tennis’ latest album, whilst pushing herself even more with the structural complexities of West Coast, DBJAG and DTWD. Every album I’ve worried “this is probably gonna be the one where her schtick runs thin”, but it doesn’t, she delivers every time. LFL is certainly her least cohesive if not weakest record, it has a couple of clunkers, but there are multiple songs that are individually great. Anyway, musically, I trust her.
  6. I’m impressed with how quickly my brain repressed what I just saw.
  7. She didn’t delay it - when I saw that rumour I INSTANTLY believed it though, I mean you can’t possibly put it past her. 😂
  8. Anyone have a link for pics of the booklet etc? Been looking everywhere...
  9. She DID that. FUCK. Where to begin and where to end, I am so proud of her. FUCK.
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