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  1. Since we're on that topic, can we add Alexandre Desplat to the team?
  2. honestly love that for you bestie, manifestation works in mysterious ways
  3. Like it's not the same couple of Jack/NFR stan that have the exact oppositive discourse. It's called LanaBoards.com, not JackStanBoards.com or whatever. If I want to be repetitive that's my goddamn right.
  4. The way I feel the exact opposite about COCC and NFR is the album I never listen to except Venice Bitch and like two other songs. Mike better come thru.
  5. Also not some of y'all acting like you are above Lana's work pre-Jack and being like "oh y'all are still talking about Jack?? 😩" McScuse me bitch? Last time I check we got two records in less than two years from him and Lana, one of which came out not even two months ago, it still is fresh in recent memories, whether you appreciate his work or not.
  6. Who cares about Jack now, with Mike in the picture, bland instrumentals are a thing of the past. I hope he will channel that post-QFTC energy into fire music. Definitely manifesting that. The only thing I am genuinely grateful for is Venice Bitch, that is all.
  7. I believe Jack is a good producer, but the music he made with Lana, except for a few key tracks, is incredibly dreary and forgettable. Lana was comfortably lazy with him.
  8. The way 'Chemtrails' turned out to be pretty tamed as far as music went, compared to the messy roll out and Lana's episodes of public meltdoen. Just based off of Mike's attitude I can tell this era is going to be messy and I'm lowkey living for it.
  9. Okay Mike is kind of a hot mess, and I like that about him? He's already more engaging with Lana stans and haters than any of Lana's past collaborators/producers. This is going to be good.
  10. Realistically speaking, if the album isn't quite finished at this point in time, there is absolutely no way we are getting an album on July 4th, maybe, just maybe, a single around that date? But if the album is still in the works, or on the cutting board, it means a) it's not been mixed yet, which takes up a considerable amount of time and b) Lana is most likely still deciding which song is going to make the final cut (thereby teasing songs that will probably be on future albums (Yosemite and Dealer teas)). I'm all for positivity and manifesting things to happen, but I also deal with realityβ€”and the reality of the situation is that Lana is fickle as fuck and she systematically runs her mouth about her unfinished projects and things that are still in the works. Do I need to remind everyone that we were supposed to get a cover album for Christmas of last year and the second poetry book/spoken word album for March? It ain't happenin' chief. I'm bummed out. ETA: Also you guys mean to tell me that an unfinished, unmastered album will made it to us, on vinyl, cassette, box set or whatever on July 4th???
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