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  1. exactly, and it wasn't just her fanbase that has grown up, she has "grown up" as well, her new themes aren't very relatable for teens anymore i think
  2. just came here to say that yesterday i listened to nfr again after a long tome and damn... it is still sooo good.
  3. Hannus

    yeah i agree, i really like it, it is a bop, but for me it's easy to get bored of it, probably because of the repetitiveness. it bothers me a little because i LOVE the verses both lyrically and musically, i wish we had gotten a bit more of that.
  4. Hannus

    Twitter Updates

    I don’t think so, she said she only met him once at a party where they exchanged a few words i think? Or at least that’s what she said in an interview
  5. SO FAR it's only been used 3 times but the era isn't over yet
  6. born to die. my friend told me about it before physics class and when i went home i watched the mv and was mesmerized. i couldn't think of anything but the song (and her) for a while.
  7. i'd LOVE if he challenged her more and pushed her out of her comfort zone, the things that would come out of it would be out of this world i think, especially now, she's been SO productive lately, she's on fire and i'd love it if someone poured some fuel on that fire and see how that turns out. however she seems to be really comfortable with what she's doing and based on the things she and the people she's worked with said, i'm not sure she would like to be challenged in any way, not in the studio, not on instagram, i think she just wants to do things her way.
  8. tbh i don't feel excited at all, probably because cocc is still very new and i don't have capacity for new music yet. i hope it changes though, it would be weird to have a release where i'm not hyped
  9. Hannus

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    yeah exactly, that's why i dislike her new music, everything she says is so blunt and "in your face". it's supposed to be poetry. and it's not only her political songs that lack nuance imo, the others aren't much better either (like enjoy your life or true for example, they are so cringey imo). it's like she's singing from her brain instead of her heart.
  10. same, before she posted it was just mild clowning but after blue banisters it intensified and now i seriously believe it could happen hmmm i don't know, part of me wants a snippet for the same reason but another part of me wants a complete surprise, even tho that's scary af lol
  11. soooo do yall think it's coming on june 1 or is it just me??
  12. Hannus

    Instagram Updates

    yeah right like it's actually ridiculous how there is a bunch of people who, despite hating her, also carefully monitor her every move so they can scream "ShE's CanCelLeD!!!4!" everytime she posts or says something. i stan her really hard but istg spend less time thinking about her posts than these folks.
  13. i got for free, the description is quite accurate ngl
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