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  1. Hope she drops the song in May check her insta every day for blue banisters
  2. A reliable insider he may be but he literally said nothing yesterday of value. Said it might be delayed and then clarified that it also might not be and that it’s pure speculation. Said no ones guessed what is coming correctly and that he can’t believe she’s actually going forward with this album, and then says it’s not necessarily about the sound of the music. So what then??? No one argues about her lyrics! She can sing about whatever the fuck she wants to, it’s the style of music people get so up in arms about. im simultaneously over the insider stuff but also it’s keeping momentum up in this thread so
  3. reposting as a manifestation I’m tired of these vague ass insiders playing GAMES
  4. Ok so I was wrong but I blame them for their dumdum wording. also it seems his guess about a delay is just based off the info we all already have (her past rollouts) so there’s no reason to kick our worries about that into high gear.
  5. Push back doesn’t mean an album delay. He probably would have called it a delay if that was the case. I imagine her haters will push back against whatever she is doing (that isn’t to say it WONT be delayed, that could obvi still happen, it’s just not what he’s talking about I don’t think) my money is on poetry/songs hybrid album. I feel like it’d be easier for her to address her critics through spoken word.
  6. That post is so vague that a strong case could be made for pretty much anyone’s prediction. They way he literally said nothing at all and it’s freaked everyone out.
  7. Ngl that emoji reads to me more like he is cackling and slamming his hand down like “I can’t believe this bitch is actually doing this lol” more than praising whatever it is either way it certainly means we are in for something interesting maybe a poetry music hybrid??
  8. maybe it’s for a “live” moment like let me love you on Fallon!
  9. Anyways, shocker I think the snippet is lovely. I get why people want her to switch it up, I truly do, but I’m fine if she stays just making beautiful peaceful music too. Part of me would be ok if it felt like a more cohesive and consistent Lust for Life. Basically, lengthy with lots of variety.
  10. domandapiano

    Taylor Swift

    Soooooo.... it’s lookin’ like a no for tomorrow
  11. Why do we think this is coming real soon (I keep seeing tomorrow and today thrown around)
  12. I really don’t think she intended the pic to look like she had bruises in it. It looks like the filter reacted with the natural shadows tbh
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