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  1. When we thought another album was coming but it's actually Behind The Iron Gates
  2. The summer solstice is on Sunday, it'd be a great day to drop something like a lead single/big budget music video after the preorder if Lana wanted to
  3. Me checking the source code on Lana's store every day for the next week until they update it
  4. This is the second time this year we've gone through the DetectiveBoards/preorder coming soon phase of a pre-release We're being fed so well
  5. How soon do we think we're getting a preorder and cover/tracklist reveal? I'm thinking today or tomorrow at the earliest, the end of the month at the latest
  6. I put a snip of what I'm getting if I stop the load/reload button before it goes to ldrvillage in the spoiler tag - something is definitely happening soon
  7. When I tried to open the store, I got the password thing for a split second and then the site redirected to ldrvillage
  8. I'm starting to think that part of the reason the album has changed so much is because she's changed the aesthetic for it I think it was supposed to be midwestern, yeehaw sort of vibe but based on her outfits/non-birthday related instgram posts lately + the picture of the trees, it seems like it's gonna be sort of a more mellow LA aesthetic which actually seems really pretty
  9. Super Movie

    Song vs. Song

    Honeymoon vs. Video Games
  10. When the song is actually a cover of Amy Winehouse's version of Valerie I have to say though, having a song dedicated to one of her friends could go one of two ways - it's either gonna be a fan least favorite on the album and will get the BUS treatment, or it'll be the next Living Legend, a song also dedicated to a friend
  11. If WW stays on the album, I actually think it would be the perfect title track. I feel like it encapsulates a lot of what's been on her mind for the past year or so, which would hopefully match the rest of the lyrical content in turn. It also just sounds cool - I've always thought it sounded like it could be an opening track too, and if she keeps her track one track two pattern for the title tracks, it'd fit
  12. "Happy birthday Roberto" - title of the album, with all of the songs being about her dad Track 2 is gonna be "Rob's Floral Button Up"
  13. One thing I'm looking forward to as well now that we have this news is seeing how/if the sound changes compared to the three singles. With someone like Mike Dean on board, I've been wondering if she plans to do any songs with him that are more similar to his previous work. I personally don't mind if there is a delay for the simple fact that it could be taking what was the album and elevating it to be even better
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