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  1. Flying Banister? Banisters are attached to staircases... but flying? hmm, the staircases would need to be flying, or in the sky... Wait, Miss Lana once said "I'd trade it all for a stairway to heaven" which also happens to be the title of a Led Zeppelin song. It's all coming together! Blue Pacific was reworked into Blue Banisters, a double album full of covers and unreleased songs!
  2. Lana can be messy, and that might come across as unprofessional sometimes, it's true. But there's no denying she's hardworking. She's always working on new projects, and that might be the reason behind her "laziness". While there might be a gap between an album and another, she always starts working on a different project, as soon as she finishes the other, or sometimes even works on both (or more) projects at the same time. Hence, the disconnection and why she moves onto the new era, without even finishing it, so quickly. It's understandable, and at the same time confusing for the fans. I get that. It can be frustrating, yeah. I get frustrated too, after all we're spoiled little brats. But if we have that many material, it's because she never stops working. Her 200+ catalogue of unreleased songs, plus 7 (official) albums in only 10 years should give that away easily. What makes me happy, is to know she's talented, so I don't have to worry if I can't connect with her future projects as much as I did with her past. I know there will be at least one song I'll love, or perhaps her visuals... or even her vision of the project. Just because we don't get to witness it too often, it doesn't mean she's not passionate anymore
  3. If it must be similar to one of those two, I'd rather it be similar to NFR. The guitars, synths and even faint strings were so powerful, whereas cocc felt really weak in comparison I would love another LS strings intro, TG guitar solo, or even VB/CG/FIILY synth outro!
  4. I mean... That's good news! She won't go full on country, her music will still be versatile
  5. I wonder if "working" means worked on BB or currently working on a future project... Wouldn't be surprised if Lana is already working on LDR8 (not the collab album, or the covers one) she always moves on quickly lol
  6. It's so sad coming from the same woman who gave us UV, HM and NFR
  7. So Lana pulled another WHF situation with RCS, leaving it as a song... but changing the title (in both album and song) huh
  8. I get bareback First cocc, now this... her erotica era incoming!
  9. I mean, it's obviously not happening, but it would be great! Lana has always been judged for her "character" and the topics of her songs. So for her, to acknowledge the criticism in form of a story through her music would be such a serve I adore conceptual albums, so I would LOVE for her to do something like that one day...
  10. And Ben/Ed said they were finally able to pull off a project they've been working for a while... Inb4 Lana releases a visual project, ala Tropico, with her poems and songs filmed by Charlie
  11. Inb4 Lana created a brand new genre and that's why none of us guessed! When the Grammys create a new category and she's the only nominated! We are indeed not ready!
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