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  1. landeath

    Maty Noyes

    up for a queen
  2. landeath

    Charli XCX

    Thank you so much, you're such a sweetheart!
  3. landeath

    Charli XCX

    really wish you could reupload it
  4. landeath

    Allie X

    ''You Only Live When You Know What You're Dying For'' leaked https://dbree.org/v/943e76
  5. landeath


    can anybody share a masterpost? or at least her ''to the hills'' ep since its been removed from everywhere? i have a lq version of it and it makes me so sad
  6. nvm its all over dbree
  7. landeath

    Kali Uchis

    it's a beautiful day to leak cabana
  8. landeath

    Cruel Youth

    ''Hatefuck'' alternate mix just came: https://dbree.org/v/91606f
  9. Just some corrections: the Mowgli's Road demo exists. If you compare the neon gold mix (vinyl version) with it, you will realize that there's a lot of more bass and beats on neon's, especially at the bridge and outro. I believe it's actually one of the last mixes, we'll never know. Same for the demo 2 of ''Sex'', which has a raw production (and yes, we have it in high quality, not low) and Guilty, which has an extended chorus (1:07 for example) and a fade out ending.. Also there's a myspace demo of Hermit the Frog!
  10. ''Regarding MARINA's leaks from today: - Jealousy ("Final") is fake, we discovered it's a remaster from SoundCloud by JhowCorrea - Please Don't Call Me ("Final") is also fake and a remaster from SoundCloud by xcxprodz'' Delete those too. I really hate those idiots posting fake edits as ''leaks''.
  11. + E.V.O.L. 24bit LOSSLESS, Miss Y (Demo 1), True Colours (Demo), Shampain (Shampain Sleeper Demo), I Am Not a Robot (Demo 1) and What You Waiting For? OG Files https://dbree.org/v/8c49fa
  12. ive made the zip in 3 parts, so when you extract the first one, it will show all of the 13 files in a folder. if you try to extract only one of them, an error its going to show up. and this reddit helper leaked a different version of PDCM trying to help this fan LOL nicee
  13. https://dbree.org/v/8515fb
  14. just checked and they're all real. also, the ''please don't call me final OG'' is actually another version for the song. my guess is that this one its really the final version. now we have demo 1, 2 and final! - zip with all of the tonight leaks pt1 https://dbree.org/v/b8ac02 pt 2 https://dbree.org/v/1c3c8e pt 3 https://dbree.org/v/457a21
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