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  1. idk if anyone else noticed but lana removed “LA Who Am I To Love You” from apple music and spotify .
  2. remeber lana was doing a shoot or sum based on Charlie’s story, she was using the same car’
  3. exactly! she would have never said that if she was provoked
  4. imagine she was the one that leaked the demos just to keep us fed to delay the spoken album again...
  5. in what category lol better be best album lol in what category lol better be best album lol
  6. LMFAO ion know if this was talked about before but as I re listen to MAC at the end of the song you can hear lana say “damn” lol
  7. Exactly like kacey was against strong nominees and she still won, like ya need to think positive
  8. as she should...Lana got nominated for AOTY & Song Of The Year
  9. say if she does get nominated for AOTY, doesn’t that mean she able to perform?
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