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  2. I fully agree with what you're saying and I hate that I'm adding fuel to this crap but to recap: it all started from them calling lana a bitch and after being called out for being insensitive and rude they started calling everyone who disagreed with them a name and bringing up family members as a way of 'roasting' them and generally having a passive-aggressive/petty tone. I don't see this as one defending oneself but rather just making every user in this thread uncomfortable with their inability to take a step back to reevaluate the situation and to hear out people's valid complaints and apologize.
  3. A specific LB user coming to this thread to respond with kindergarten-level 'drags' and subjecting everyone to them across many pages embarrassing really....
  4. so Mike said we'll get at least One new album produced by him. So.... Behind the Iron Gates spoken-word album produced by Mike confirmed!! Sylvia....! wake up it's coming in March 2021 I'm leaving my patent-pending shoes on the beach and painting my leather banisters blue while waiting for my man to come back every May to fix my weather vane and take my paint away hoo-hooh-ooh
  5. It's almost as if people are different and have different tastes
  6. While they're at it, they should ask when BTIG is coming out ... I have a feeling it's not coming out in March of 2021
  7. And here I was hoping for Behind The Iron Gates to be released sometime this summer
  8. iirc didn't she say something along the lines of "there's more where that came from" when she shared that logo (or was it LMLYLAW)?
  9. Lana checking twitter to see everyone being excited about the album leaking soon
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