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  1. Actually they were probably called by Sean just like how Francesco used to do lol.
  2. https://twitter.com/DanielaCoyt1/status/1047613546387918848?s=20
  3. I remember a fan posted a picture with her in Boston and she said she was here for her boyfriend's tournament or something and everyone thought her boyfriend was that Boxer lol
  4. My NFR shirt that wasn’t supposed to ship till October 31st shipped today!
  5. The unexpected high budget videos and radio promo of this era.... shes giving the gays everything they want
  6. She said her and jack wrote some "bombastic 80s sounding" songs that he ended up using for his album instead.. I really hope she features on one of those tracks
  7. https://m.youtube.com/watch?utm_content=later-3130729&utm_medium=social&v=1I47SqkbLGg&utm_source=instagram&utm_campaign=later-linkinbio-alt987fm
  8. the meaning of happiness is a butterfly confused me at first, i was like is she talking about being happy and her state of mind? Or is she talking about a man/ breakup? Then I thought maybe it was kind of like a west coast situation where she’s going back and forth being in two conflicting states of mind between the verses to choruses...did anyone else get that vibe?
  9. The structure of the songs is very poetic, they read like poems to me and instead of a verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus they seem more like stanzas in a poem
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