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  1. BOZ got the masters in July/August and said he didn’t see any reason the album should be delayed, but no (reliable) insiders ever hinted at the era starting Dan talked about working with Lana and said they got into very heated arguments but it shows, because the album is next level. I hope there is some discourse with her and Mike. based on what I’ve seen of Mike via Instagram videos and interviews he seems like he’s rather hard headed and has a very clear vision for his work, and getting two personalities like that always brings out the best of each other so I’m super stoked for whatever they make together!
  2. I’m more confused about what’s coming because BOZ said like two days ago a delay was most likely gonna happen and now things are ‘getting started’ in two weeks like does he know the whole rollout or what?
  3. Cruel World was her longest song until VB came, but it’s never felt long to me.. I always forget it’s almost 7 minutes. It’s so full of anger and emotions that I get lost HM (if you use UV deluxe and BTD:P) is her next to shortest record being beaten only by COTCC I guess the definition of filter can vary between person, but I don’t ever really think a Lana album has had filler (LFL had some questionable inclusions but I still love each and every one of them) edit: sorry I just realized how off topic this went!
  4. I- the standard is only 11 songs How can 11 near perfect songs be bloat?? I hope BB is at minimum 13. That seems like a good number to tell a story and no covers plz
  5. these sound like Lana generated lyrics “baby blue” ”I was oh so wild and free” she would NOT be singing something her mother told her about I do really like those last 6 likes. V poetic yeah that’s not grammatically correct but who cares when she can rhyme blue with you again
  6. atrl gays lurking all the goddamn time! they deserve the full page ads! I’m living for this energy, and feel completely neutral..what happens, happens! I’ll still be bopping to my dark summer bop DBJAG
  7. He said it was just a lyric and not another album, but it’s possible RCS is just a lyric now, either way I want the song that lyric is included on released. She had to have loved it if it was almost the album title. I think it really depends on if she posts within the next two weeks, and if she does post, what she says. It’s possible she’s going to post soon about the album again, and give us a release date within two weeks Or maybe in two weeks from now, the era will ‘start’ by her making an official announcement of news to come or a trailer if she doesn’t post in the next two weeks I really think it’ll be an announcement, because I don’t see her ‘surprise dropping’ a lead single
  8. that feels like so long ago! I’m so exited that we’re here already! I was positive we wouldn’t be discussing a whole new album by summer, in January! I thought for sure we were going to have a longer break judging by the “I have no idea where I’m going” comments in January, and the second poetry book!
  9. I think the most logical thing that’s going to happen is There will probably be an announcement for a single/preorder/whatever dropping Or She’ll put out a buzz single (not BB) , with no other real information (Like how LMLYLAW was dropped in October and we still didn’t hear anything again until December) I do think if it’s a buzz single with no other information, the wait won’t be AS long as Chemtrails..she didn’t know there was going to be a huge delay at the end of October, so she probably thought less time would be between that and the actual album. I’m sure that probably won’t happen again this time because she seems more interested in this album
  10. it will be this Snapchat on a loop with a grainy black and white filter, with Rock Candy Sweet playing on loop
  11. @Terrence Loves Me since the era is starting in two weeks, I’m going to need you to manifest a Lana post every single day I completely agree!! She’s ALWAYS been the target of media attacks. Even NFR and onwards, she was getting praised but every article STILL talks down her past work as being ‘fake’ and her ‘persona’
  12. I hope it’s RCS I hope she sings about wearing no clothes, being sexy, fucking, AND cheating i hope she cusses out major publications and Alt singers and female writers I hope the cover is her wearing a mesh mask and i hope the video is just her driving reckless
  13. I’ll believe it when I see it Announcement that the single is coming in two weeks on May 21st!!!
  14. there’s always been unreleased songs on Shazam, unfortunately. I remember when “Yes To Heaven” showed up and everyone was convinced it was going to be on COTCC. Unless something shows up on Shazam with “Blue Banisters” as the album, its most likely a red herring
  15. The way Lana is getting the most promo and buzz she’s gotten in YEARS, all for posting a random ‘album cover’ she knew EXACTLY what she was doing and I love it
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