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  1. A reliable insider says that the era properly starts in two weeks
  2. We will be moving into our fallout shelter where we wait out the storm
  3. Imagine the absolute horror of a 4th album in a row where the lead is released without confirmation of a release date love... MAC....VB..... LMLYLAW.......... we simply need the pre order and release date with the lead...
  4. I’m pretty sure he used that because it’s eclipses avi on atrl and was just using it as a reaction pic or there are levels to the trollery we are currently experiencing
  5. Omg Not on QFTCs birthday... let me dig a wartime bunker and hide in it for the next 7 to 10 months
  6. Oh I thought they meant the one on the right, taken by Neil, was the cover Can she just post....tf.
  7. Lipsters not knowing the difference between left and right...open the schools!!!!!! or do they actually mean that fake last fm cover is the real cover these fan account also need to go back to school.
  8. Ya I think he’s trolling after people started asking him a bunch of stuff
  9. She will endlessly confuse me just as soon as she settles into a folky singer songwritery sound and begins establishing roots with country music musicians she transitions to working with one of the most well known hip hop producers hate her.
  10. He has lots of highs and lots of lows in his production discography but I am still excited. She usually creates magic whenever she goes a little outside her comfort zone initially
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