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  1. Did I like the album? No Did I buy the vinyl? Yes of course
  2. same vocals and beats in every single song, wtf is this
  3. Redhydrangeas99


    I like the new single
  4. Random thought. Will Tex and Mex appear on the cassette? lol
  5. Well it's the best from the record so far. I like it, but I don't stan this boring and lazy production
  6. *eIlieieieiei iii eieieiei iii* i look for you in magazines umh chile anyways not a fan of the bruises theory, i’m pretty sure she was really talking about her banisters lol also what about the covers? Can’t see any bruise on Lana
  7. Redhydrangeas99


    How is it?
  8. Kinda funny, nothing changed. And maybe that’s the problem I like the new songs, but her way of singing is boring
  9. I think they should make a variant only for LanaBoards. “Blue Banisters LanaBoards Exclusive Vinyl”
  10. Has it leaked shows August 1st as a possibile release date https://hasitleaked.com/2021/lana-del-rey-blue-banisters/#listen-here
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