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  1. new gods

    Song vs. Song

    fordham road vs angels forever
  2. the concept of music being dated literally only exists to stan culture gays. nobody in the real world hears an electropop song from 2011 and says "that aged like milk".. the radio still plays songs that were released like 30 years ago lmao electra heart is a fine album that was released when that sound was at its peak commercially and just cause it isn't anymore doesn't make it bad
  3. of course she scrapped pink bible.. that was literally the best snippet
  4. i don't think anyone is upset actually, it was posted by a brintey stan and kevin is britney's ex husband so they probably just think it's funny even tho that isn't even her house
  5. the song and music video are the epitome of nostalgia
  6. new gods

    Melanie Martinez

    fr like you'd think with the way this thread is bumped every 5 minutes that there would be something important to talk about but the last leak was like 20 pages ago
  7. mike said they haven't finished anything yet which makes me think maybe it's a dan auerbach situation and they've been butting heads and can't decide on one thing, ultraviolence 2.0 is coming
  8. what the person above said.. if only she was collabing with interesting artists and also pabllo vittar is a man..
  9. if lana even stepped into the same room as bloodpop i'd have to let her go.. there's only so many shitty producers i can stand her working with
  10. i think BoZ said the title track was produced by someone she hasn't worked with before? so zach is out of the question.
  11. he said they haven't finished anything so it's probably not anything for BB
  12. right i feel like there's little she can do to shock us with the lyrics. we pretty much expected this album to discuss "controversial" topics from the start so the only way i can see anything being unexpected is a change in sound but apparently that isn't the case.
  13. "don't be negative" makes it seem like she's gonna do something that'll turn a lot of fans off her la friends, sister and brother are gonna have features aren't they
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