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  1. the other boy who did chemtrails mv was so much better but I don't want to pit strong powerful aritsts against each other<3 hoping for a colab (which is more likely than BB even existing) also can someone delete the "out july 4th" from this thread's title? <3 I can't have another laughing attack everytime I enter this website
  2. please... she's still waiting for that cocc check to come in so she can finally pick out a $8 picsart premium filter for the video
  3. why are we hacking codes girlies... I doubt the programmers who do her online stuff heard about this album she made up 2 days ago
  4. omg I'm dying, the way he served a wider variety of aesthetics, more locations and a more intense storyline than Lana.... If I don't see this at Grammys-
  5. that's a bit of a reach, High by the beach, Music to watch boys to, Love, Fuck It I love You/The Greatest and Chemtrails were all great music videos. fun fact, I still occasionally see HBTB music video on VH1 Europe's TV channel lol. Even LFL music video is cute imo (yeah ok cancel me) those damn NFR iphone videos really got us reaching and thinking all of her mvs are shit which isn't true at all
  6. I'm out of the loop and just found out about this RCS->BB situation and honestly blue banisters is the worst album title ever, honestly the word banisters is so ugly, I even had to google what it means (not a native English speaker). feel like shit i just want rock candy sweet back at least the mv snippet looks and sounds beautiful. we always love to see her step away from the comic sans font and iphone camera app aesthetics <3
  7. Nothing against Symone winning, but when Rose "lost" that lipsync I just skipped the whole episode. Kandy as a runner up next to all these amazing queens who killed it this season? This was probably the fakest, most forced season of drag race ever. I enjoyed some episodes like snatch game, the roast and the Phenomenon song done by the losers circle but the rest belongs straight to garbage - the judging and the obvious favorable editing made it unbearable. That social media rusical was the death of US franchise for me. I'm praying they don't do this to the upcoming UK seasons.
  8. Yeah, thank you, this is exactly what I meant, but some people obviously want to read it as "old disugsting 35 year old women should not be allowed to sing about sex and pussy." It probably means a lot to them that someone would say that because they need to tell you they know better as if nobody else besides them does.
  9. not some of yall being mad about a 35 year old woman not wanting to sing to you about her pussy anymore... let it go
  10. lmfao I can't. which one of you delulu queens works at Pitchfork
  11. I get where you're coming from but does an artist have any other choice today? We live in a climate where saying or doing one single "wrong" thing that someone doesn't like could cost your whole career getting cancelled. Name someone who didn't have a "scandal" in the last 2 years. Today you either do what the mob wants you to do or get out of the business. If I were a public person, I'd too just say what they want me to say to get the paycheck. I feel like it's the times that have changed and Lana chaged with them as well.... Lana from BTD or Ultraviolence era probably wouldn't survive on the scene for too long today.. hell even 10 years ago there were attempts to discredit her and shut her down... now that she has a much bigger name she has to plase people if she wants to keep it... and it's sad
  12. Possible song titles based on her tweets 1. Country At Heart 2. Lives Between State Borders and States Of Mind 3. Sociopathy And Narcissism In America 4. We did it Joe 5. Suck it 6. When You Know What You Don’t Want You Know What You Do Want 7. At The Back Of The Stadium 8. Haikus 9. 12:12 10. So Damn Hot Tonight 11. Sand On My Lips 12. Thank You Lord 13. Little Lennon 14. Make A Wish manifesting WYKWYDWYKWYDW isn't another hope... LBSBASOM, SI, ATBOTS and SDHT sound like they could fit into ultraviolence, so I'm manifesting that!!!! and ASNIA and WDIJ will probably be question for the culture in a mp3 format
  13. fags on twitter: OMG I MET LANAAAA TODAYYYK SKSKFJEKFSKSJ fags when they stood in front of her and had to ask her the real questions:
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