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  1. Shades

    Billie Eilish

    hmm. this is one of the songs she wrote solely on her own- it seems to be inspired by her and her groomer's relationship, so it's definitely very personal to her... having said that, i definitely feel Finneas' absence- the lyrics aren't very strong. her voice is beautiful as always, but there's very little variation in the melody and little to no vocal dynamics, so it drags on a bit. idk. hoping for stronger songs on the album
  2. Shades

    Billie Eilish

    wait what's the tea? where on reddit did you read this?
  3. silently crying on your own on a lonely hill in fresh snow after a heavy storm, driving at dusk in the middle of winter on a slushy road going 15 below the speed limit the road lit only by lamplights in a tiny town, a summer that is far too hot, leaving the entire town restless and you with nothing to do but troll lame department stores and antique shops by day and get drunk and find trouble by night such underrated work by miss jailer
  4. Shades

    Instagram Updates

    where is she livestreaming? /:
  5. Shades

    Among Us

    i love this game!! it's only fun with a group of 10, tho- randos ruin it. we need to organize a lanaboards among-us night with 10 of us. it'd be so fun and eliminate the randos problem
  6. i was going to say- based on all the evidence we have, Lana's love for spaghetti is her most stable and longlasting relationship a linguini Queen
  7. Shades

    Azealia Banks

    Uh, Azealia's persistent attitude problem and bodyshaming aside, the girl is talented- wildly so. The only reason she hasn't made it farther than she has is because of her attitude problem. Let's not pretend like she doesn't have talent that rivals Lana. Her twitter/insta rants and tirades don't erase her accomplishments and skills. Don't be dumb. Also, don't mention "systemic racism" when you suggested a few posts ago that a POC was being racist towards a privileged white woman. Thanks.
  8. Shades

    Billie Eilish

    it's literally a Steven Universe song? I kind of like it, kind of meh
  9. the fact that she used to look like this i-
  10. Shades

    Instagram Updates

    i have a very hard time believing lana will release an album with her public image being at probably an all time low
  11. Shades

    Instagram Updates

    sir, Beyonce? a nobody? sir, is it crack you are consuming?
  12. Shades

    Instagram Updates

    she's blatantly showing off people, faces and all, protesting and committing crimes to her platform of 16.5 million people, making it very easy for those people to be recognized and arrested or killed. a reminder that a large number of Ferguson protester organizers whose faces were publicized on social media were all murdered in the months after the protests...
  13. Shades

    Instagram Updates

    Welp, Lana fucked up. Her white privilege and ignorance were shown off to millions, first with her typewriter rants, and now this. I can't help feel awful for her, because I know her white matcha brain didn't approach any of this with bad intent. It makes me so sad to see such longtime fans absolutely obliterate her. I really feel like she's done permanent damage- she's back to being the laughingstock of the music industry when she was finally gaining respect and recognition. I'm reminded of the massive attacks from 2011-2013, but this time, it's from her own fans... I hope she's okay. having said that, let's remind each other that she is a white millionaire with a still enormous group of fans, while there are black people getting murdered for paying with a $20 bill- so, let's focus on what's important.
  14. the album with 3 good songs on it? not a good example sis new york is forever iconic though!
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