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  1. Same here got a label created shipping notification for my release night order which was my big big one!!
  2. I was gonna say like….. what?? I love the fucking album and when I listen to it high I simply collapse to it every time. And definitely can dance/walk/drive/stare at scenery to it. But that’s just me and to each their own!
  3. That’s a dangerous thing to hope for cause I’m feeling doubtful but yes let’s hope!!
  4. They could at least ship everything out before they begin with a third drop lol Today is officially two weeks since they sent out emails saying the LDR rose ashtrays were delayed and they’d ship everything within two weeks, and, well…
  5. I don’t think anyone mentioned it yet but BoZ said on atrl that the era will officially being in two weeks??!!!!!!
  6. Agreed!!! I mean I can see that it was about leaving LA and visiting middle America in some ways, but what does that have to do with “Chemtrails over the Country Club” per se lol. I think WAH would’ve fit that moreso. I mean COTCC is still a great album title but like you (and she) said, not fully realized.
  7. I think Wild at Heart wouldve been an amazing album title. Not sure that WAH is a great title track or even if the album matches that title (I don’t really think COCC did either though) but I’d love that as an album title.
  8. I blame everyone for not doing anything with TJF!!! And Wild at Heart honestly. And DBJAG. And the fact Yosemite was paid dust is also a crime. But anyways lol… Yes chem did great physically in US and UK. I never really understood that Rolling Stone thing either. If it indeed did 98k that’s actually amazing but I just go by what Billboard said since they’re the ones who do the charts and reporting I guess. Nonetheless I think first week in US Chem only translated 20some thousand sales via streams and that’s tragic when there are other artists who sell nothing physically but do over 100k from streaming alone. Yes a lot of that is from having singles and playlisting. But if her team does a better job at promo and just some more playlisting (the singles did Indeed have some I’ll say that) then she could at least as a whole album steam better even without singles and have way better sales from streaming. I think forcing her to do a digital and CD only album would help accomplish that is all I’m suggesting!
  9. I know what you mean, but I think they would do it if they had a good promo plan in place to make sure steaming numbers were better (as well as digital sales and CDs since those don’t take long to make at all). I mean they risked debuting with as little as chemtrails did so it could happen. I’m not saying I believe that it will lol, I’m just speculating based on other peoples posts.
  10. I can see it being a digital only release. Maybe just CDs but no vinyls. The reason being her label/mgmt/ her herself forcing her fans and her own promo schedule to become a better steaming artist. That way for her next album after that she’ll be super successful cause she already has physical sales on lock (and her fans will have money from not spending hundreds on vinyl variants twice in one year) and then her steaming numbers will also be good. As we know that’s was chemtrails downfall
  11. That’s actually why I bought 2 of each haha! One to light and then keep the jar, and then one to light on specialer nights! Edit: this made no sense. I meant to say one to NEVER light and just to keep, and one to only light in special nights lmao
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