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  1. But her roots are light blonde. Maybe she dyed it darker and wanted back to light blonde and had to bleach it.
  2. I wonder what the hates will do if she drags them to hell. The reviews being a mess then.
  3. On the other forum they drag her for it. But I wouldn't be surprised if she goes into that kind of direction.
  4. I don't know. I read that on another forum and thought it would be worth posting. If it's not Lana related please delete it.
  5. Lana has another controversy up her sleeve. I think it's from a Instagram story but you can move it if it doesn't fit here.
  6. Never It would be cool to feed her fans who still live in 2012
  7. Maybe BB was already done and she forgot about COTCC and thought that BB was out and that there is no next album after these 2.
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