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  1. I don't think they should literally nothing's happening Lana-wise and it's funny af. There's nothing BB related to talk about and we gotta keep this thread alive
  2. Let's not forget Lana's birthday is coming up maybe she'll post something that day
  3. Now that I think about it, she could've released the three songs in the span of three weeks. Like a song per week and that would've kept us on our toes for a bit longer. The excitement is slowly dying out
  4. That Fiona Apple album everyone deems to be the apex of music. There are some decent songs but I just couldn't get into it
  5. Happy Rock Candy Sweet release day! *rocking back and forth in an empty corner*
  6. All that's left to do is wait it's all there ever is to do
  7. They're all good but I agree PERIOD. I'm a Cruel World stan
  8. So Sage Skolfield uploaded an ig story with Lana. They're still in the studio omg
  9. Maybe Lana's team threatened him or something. Maybe that's why he removed the BB, WW and TB announcement a day before they were released (I'm only creating excuses for my delusion, but it could be trew)
  10. I want Lana to go back to working with Tim Larcombe. He has co-written some of Lana's most iconic songs and I'm so here for it Off to the Races, Cherry, Gods and Monsters, I Talk to Jesus
  11. Approximately 11 days left until June 1st (probs nothing's happening) and 44 days left until July 4th
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