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  1. I love the selfie in the cover I love the 'aloha' necklace, the scrapbook sticker font makes me kinda uncomfortable but I really cant wait for the album BEACH BOYS COVER ALBUM CLOSERRRR, that would be so perfect for a girly Hawaii album <3
  2. I DO want a return to a BTD sound.
  3. cocc songs are better than nfr songs by miles
  4. urgirl

    Twitter Updates

    Nah Lana %10000 percent deleted her pic cuz of a generic sexual response with 9 retweets. That’s not only rational to believe but a million percent true.
  5. so nostalgic. reminds me of an amazing friend I have, picking up guys by the gym senior year of high school
  6. urgirl

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    I dont know if this is a dumb question but does this song sample we didnt start the fire?
  7. urgirl

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    Oh Marina I love you sm
  8. urgirl

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    Cant Pin Me Down might be my most played Marina song. though I would never think to put it anywhere near a list of her best songs. THERES SOMETHING... PERFECT about it. lyrics production melody and everything is just such anthem, and I I never grow tired of it U REALLY WANT ME TO WRITE A FEMINIST ANTHEM? IM HAPPY COOKING DINNER IN THE KITCHEN FOR MY HUBAND!!!! all these contradictions pouring out of me, just another girl in the 21st century
  9. urgirl

    Instagram Updates

    oh yeah!!!!!! nvm we won
  10. urgirl

    Instagram Updates

    I think its for iron gates. the little tape in the corner....
  11. this is the only pic i've ever seen of Lizzy with long platinum hair. do you think this is taken right after she dyed it platinum and right before she cut it short? or this is extensions? I think it makes sense that it’s taken right between dying it and cutting it short. Cuz most of college she had that long light brown may jailer hair right? Then in her graduation pics it is platinum, it’s up so we don’t see the length for sure, but I bet its long like int this pic. So I guess she dyed her long hair blonde a bit before graduating college then probably a short time after graduating she cut it short to the Marilyn look.
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