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  1. I can totally see Lana having a track called: Wedding Vows. What we want: Sexy lyrics/trap beats and her singing that she married the devil, and then sold her soul to the devil for fame. But she got it back because the beast thought she was too much like poison ivy. What we get: a soft piano with no real production singing about how in love she is with Clay. Seriously though, we really need some info on this future serve of an album.
  2. That's on period! Does hat make Hans the Jack of the movie composers.
  3. Ngl. I'm not as excited as I would like. Things seem too quiet. I'm really afraid to be let down on the possible dates for its release. And I'm afraid this album is gonna have Jack's scent all over it. I am however excited to listen to her work with Mike.
  4. I haven't been here for like a week. It's kind of funny to read again.
  5. I'm not afraid to say that NFR has a good place in my heart. I was skeptical of Jack working with her again. I thought we would see growth, and we didn't. I'm tired of his production.
  6. Omfg the Jack dragging is iconic tonight!!! I'm so here for it!
  7. Funny enough, I love NFR. I mean, that album was fresh. A new type of sound for her. And it continues to flow very naturally in my playthroughs. The album makes me feel good. COCC, idk, it just makes me feel empty. Daddy Mike has to save this new album!
  8. Marina's about to drag the stans on a new podcast for being toxic.
  9. Plssss, i sheleved COCC weeks ago. That album makes me feel like shit on my good mood days. It flopped for me personally. Maybe one day that changes. Idk. Point is. He has to go. Period.
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