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  1. CinnamonGay

    Dua Lipa

    Dua's next move is gonna be crucial... Wonder how she is gonna reinvent her sound?? I want something fresh.. Tbh her vocal range isnt that great/or amazing technique . It's more of the beats and the wonderful melodies. Catchy tunes. Let's see. FN should have got AOTY hands down.
  2. Chem is a confusing. Rolling stone says 98k. BB says 78k. If its 98k honestly it's just 7k less than NFR. And also Chem outsold NFR in pure sales in UK. Only 7k less in USA pure sales. Chems fault is that it had no bops on the radio like DT. Blame her management for not sending TJF or anything to radios..
  3. Omg I am so sorry. I have become blind. 😭😭😭 HAHAHAHAH this is embarrassing . Sorry my man. thanks for pointing it out. @ChaoticLipster @White Picket Chemtrails Sorry I messed up. Dont cancel me. I became blind momentarily and got confused
  4. He regards it as a great alt rock album. And one of the songs as best songs of 2021...
  5. Eclipse spilled tea on Billie's album... Someone pls ask him about BB/RCS/AS&C... EDIT: it was some Ellie singer. Not eilish. I confused myself. Sry
  6. Will it be nominated for AOTY? We havent had any good contenders except Evermore. Or am I missing somth
  7. If she is going folk again I want folk like Gregory Alan isakov. No more Joan/Joni.
  8. COCC I'm sure was very profitable. Especially in Europe. US too. 78k copies is no joke. Compared to Katy with 58k? Dua with 55k. And honestly. BTD sold 250k+ worldwide in 2021 alone. She makes ton of money... BB must be upbeat though. For her to get GP attention again. Most of her fans are old fans. I'm confused when Joan mentioned the average age in a Lana concert is 14... intact they're mostly 20+? I dont see Gen Z getting into Nfr or COCC. It's too slow for them.
  9. R we listening to the same song? It's one of her most beautiful songs ever. Such an atmosphere. On the other hand if u said that about TJF...yes
  10. CinnamonGay

    Taylor Swift

    There was no streaming back then and artists depended only on physical copies sales .
  11. Yes. I'm just saying ^^. She gets excited about stuff like this.
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