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  1. Manifesting that the Bodega Baby shoot is for this. Its an album full of titles starting with B's. First single "Bitch I Lied" a synth screamer telling us to F off
  2. The meltdown here and into the rest of the day will be iconic. This is a RIOT. love you always Lana
  3. So many words full of such little worth. There's an unguarded bridge out there waiting for you
  4. Holy shit what a serve. Froot on steroids and acid. Superb
  5. Wouldn't even be mad, but that beauty is perfect as she is. One of my favorites. However if Blue Banisters is that sound....well with Jack it's expected but I'll take it. I think she's just happy to be releasing music (please let it be) in real time finally instead of sitting on a delayed project like Chemtrails.
  6. Hi this album's perfect. Not All Who Wander, Dark But Just a Game, Wild at Heart the Holy trinity. Midalbum set of masterpieces. Period. DBJAG a successor and sister of The Greatest; "the best ones lost their minds" is a lyric delivered with a knowing that she too, damn right, is one of the best. Not all who Wander, one of her most stunningly beautiful performances-a true princess of nature and the souls lost in its vastness. Wild at Heart is just a classic, another to stand shoulder to shoulder with her best and most accessible songs.Yosemite widens its massive canyons of emotions with each listen. White Dress has a buildup so sincere with a murderously beautiful melody, that it stands separate from almost all of her previous songs. The title track is so deeply ingrained into me by now that its true comfort, a song of shimmering doom and ennui. BUS hurts when you need it to, and that's all I ask of it. Dance Till We Die flips the switch so hard it causes the ground to shudder. A hippy swoon that breaks down into her boldest, most fun, and successful vocal performances. LMLYLAW is loving and truly vibes like a stoner in bliss, and also-she was first. And For Free. It's perfect. She has found her fellow Ladies of The Canyon, and they're beautiful, all three. Lana Del Rey's best album [end exhaustive rant]
  7. Not here to comment on Lana's weight. It's irrelevant and while we could use it to identify the skater, which to my knowledge everyone already figured was a skater that looks exactly like that a few months ago that Lana followed on insta-frankly it fits the theme just...I come from a family of women- 2 sisters here, one a twin and an exhausted mom and a dad who never did anything but sleep- I just can't with the slander. It's really gross. Not to you @barttttendercus you totally make an innocent observance-but to the malicious-Don't come for women's bodies. Now yes, currently Lana is not rocking that body. But to pass off on her like she's now some suburb trash because of her Selfie phase which has been nothing less than iconic, they've all somewhat defined this era's serve is tasteless. Lana del Rey aka Lizzy Grant is one of the most stunning, breath thieving women on Earth. Like DAMN do we stan a sexy woman. That's all
  8. It's spam at this point but Dear Lord this is a concept delivered. Fantastic work! She would never but she better! It's just so great.
  9. This is fantastic news. Minority I feel here, but I loved Violet. I can't always listen to it as it's far too emotional but it's art. This will be even better. My Father Told Me coming for Sportcruisers crown as most devestating.
  10. Not all who Wander being the psychedelic, Cinderella stroll through the Redwood Forrest i needed it to be is just.....this is a song that casts spells. Pure magic
  11. This is what we deserve CUS ALL WE DESERVE IS TO WIN! Ugh this brilliant brilliant, vengeful Queen!
  12. One review dude. What is your stake in this? Everything will be OK.
  13. Howdy!! I joined somewhere in the 2600s I believe, and read every page first as I followed all you icons.
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