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  1. Hahaha I really can feel this. The Ultraviolence -ham is my favorite
  2. Theomo

    Song vs. Song

    Hollywood vs. Try tonight
  3. Theomo

    Song vs. Song

    Okay, I talk to Jesus won. vs Life is beautiful
  4. Theomo

    Song vs. Song

    Bad Disease vs Ride
  5. Theomo

    Instagram Updates

    I don't say we should go back as it was or that it was perfect, and I do think we should be equal. But as people, not forcing this gender or race subject because it will might just cause the opposite.
  6. Theomo

    Instagram Updates

    Weren't they third cousins? In that case, it doesn't mean anything to me.
  7. Theomo

    Instagram Updates

    But why would you call it "uneducated", maybe she has a different opinion then you? I really don't think, she doesn't know or care about the political/cultural backround. I mean today we are told that every person is equal and that is totally true on some levels, but why should I think that there's no difference between sexes or races, when I see there are. (And if you'd say they are different because the world doesn't let them to be the same, now it's coded in there genes anyways as people lived like this for thousands of years.) So we're all people, and that puts us on the same level, but some nations, classes, etc. (as a community and as individuals) did (or have) more then others and that makes us not equal. E.g. if I take a lesson, my teacher and I are equal relationshipwise but not situationwise, as she/he knows more then me. And you can't force nature to make everyone equal in every way when it simply doesn't work like that. I'm from Europe and I still see the harms that communism caused. The European culture was the most blooming when there were these high classes and most of them were very well educated, in a much higher level then people are these days. (lLike Mozart was speaking 3 languages when he was 14). There are no classes now (well, let's pretend), and that layer with the real sophisticated people is just lost. Is there anyone here who read anything from Dostoevsky?
  8. Theomo

    Song vs. Song

    Bel Air vs Girl that got away
  9. lol it would suit for the musical they make for the album
  10. Cruel World - 40 Ultraviolence - 24 Shades of Cool - 60 West Coast - 55 Pretty When You Cry - 54 Black Beauty - 7
  11. Honeymoon-32 + Salvatore-31 The Blackest Day-60 -
  12. Off To The Races - 25 Video Games - 60 Million Dollar Man - 65
  13. for using too much numbers
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