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    Insiders are saying L3 isn’t going to be anything like Melodrama, no “bops.” Are you ready for that? Are her fans ready for that? We don’t know right now. Not a snippet has even dropped.
  2. NewportBitch


    Different expectations and paths to get the numbers they need. It’s not just about Spotify listeners. Lorde’s career started with radio domination. Naturally, Melodrama followed the blueprint of using radio to try and match Pure Heroine’s success. For Lana, getting good radio traction is just a nice plus, not as much of a necessity as it is for Lorde.
  3. powder The concept of a banister in any color except the neutrals seems v aesthetically unpleasing It lines up Lana’s HomeGoods interior design taste all the while her sister’s baby daddy is on HGTV.
  4. I think she’s going for a surprise release. At least, she won’t say anything about it on Insta soon as Mother’s Day is coming up
  5. What if Lana is working with Mike Dean just for him to play the mellotron
  6. I’m so scared of what this Mike Dean partnership will produce (see Madonna, one of the few white women he has worked for) that I’ve denied its existence
  7. When she goes “just singing in the street” in White Dress I sometimes am reminded about how she thought of the melody to Carmen while walking down the street. In the song, “just singing in the street” is so evocative of innocence while Carmen is dark. The duality
  8. When Lana said “just a selphie” after posting Cherry Blossom lyrics, I really read it as “don’t overthink it, this song won’t be in my upcoming album.” Cherry Blossom is sort of far from the “autobiographical” aspect that Lana is hinting about
  9. Better than another round of QFTC push back My next guess is that she’s going to do a musical-type album
  10. What happened to eclipse? We gotta get a Lana stan as an insider if BOZ is lowkey a Lana hater
  11. Push back as in critics & fans’ reception or pushing back the release date? If Lana is gonna do something controversial, revisiting Lolita themes is the only thing I will accept
  12. I’m scared. Feels like she’s just gonna dig deeper into that negative perception. Lana knows by now that people don’t understand irony That being said BOZ teased LMLYLAW as something reminiscent of Fine China which got everybody’s hopes up
  13. I don’t think it’s for Lana. The sources of those reposted stories work with R&B music, one of being Beyoncé’s drummer
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