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    Favorite artists: LDR, Björk, Arca, Sigur Rós, Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, Tame Impala, Joy Division, The Strokes, Kali Uchis, Kendrick Lamar, Madonna, Death Grips, Grimes, The Black Keys, Lady Gaga, Iron Maiden, FKA twigs, Kylie Minogue, Anohni, The xx, A$AP Rocky and more...
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  1. Title track - 10 Venus Fly Trap - 10 Man's World - 8 Purge the Poison - 5 Highly Emotional People - 9 New America - 8 Pandora's Box - 3 I Love You - 8 Flowers - 10 Goodbye - 10 So far!
  2. G*ys shading Jack as if the new Lorde song sounds like anything Lana has done


    It's ok
  4. This album is actually really good omg... She's forgiven.
  5. Except BB is called RCS.
  6. I mean, we don't need an insider to know she's sharing some info later this month
  7. Born to Die Blue Jeans National Anthem Summertime Sadness Tropico
  8. I agree, Breaking Up Slowly is amazing and the melody is very catchy.
  9. I wouldn't say extremely successful... it did well, especially considering the type of album it is, the bad press and the absolute zero promotion. It isn't doing that well in streaming either; it's barely hitting 300 million streams in Spotify and YouTube combined. It'll do fine long-term, but I'd say this is another Honeymoon, except Honeymoon was released in a better sales climate + HM had a viral hit that even charted on the Hot 100
  10. I agree and I think we don't discuss this as serious as it is I'm a huge fan of way too many artists and she's the only one who does this. I know every fanbase has a 'list of lies' told by their faves... but no one does it quite like LDR.
  11. Happy Pride. Say no to companies taking advantage of this. Say no to stupid, outdated Instagram graphics like "Love is love", "No matter who you choose to love..." Say no to toxic positivity (not speaking up about actual discrimination, torture, struggles and deaths). Say no to pedophiles trying to sneak into the community.
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