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  1. Something about the snippet reminds me a ton of "I Can Fly" and I can't figure out what specifically it is. Anyone else hear it as well? Makes me love BB all the more.
  2. It's actually coming. I like the snippet a lot, but I also really like COTCC (not as much of an NFR fan), so even though I'd love a rock album, I also love the folk sound. That snippet does feel like it's building up to something more... loud? I can imagine PWYC-esque-but-more-twangy guitars just coming in squealing a few seconds after that portion of the song, and Lana's singing growing in ferocity before it ebbs back to that calm, sad sound and then back again. I think this song/album is going to be surprising and I'm personally super excited. I don't even mind the cover art if we get good music.
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