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  1. Now they need to find the sick people who shot ryan.
  2. GAGAS DOGS ARE RECOVERED https://apnews.com/article/entertainment-lady-gaga-los-angeles-hollywood-dogs-1e8cdf944313298ea3f8c1a8e3b5bcd1
  3. Yall my twitter oomf Dan (@GasStation_King) on twitter is viewing this thread say hi to dan everybody
  4. Robert Kennedy

    Azealia Banks

    its embarrassing at this point tbh so true bestie NOW- It was really good! I liked the seasoning!
  5. Robert Kennedy

    Azealia Banks

    I understood lol I was just adding my opinion! Sorry if it came across wrong.
  6. Robert Kennedy

    Azealia Banks

    this is so fucked up omg
  7. Robert Kennedy

    Azealia Banks

    Maybe she could pick up Judaism and find some enlightenment and fix her nasty attitude
  8. Robert Kennedy

    Azealia Banks

    IDK. His instagram gives off pro trump vibes. I went back as far as the 2016 election nnnn why am i now just seeing this
  9. Robert Kennedy

    Azealia Banks

    Watch her engagement or marriage fail and she ends up spewing anti semetic rhetoric
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