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  1. lover

    Taylor Swift

    "the world is a different place for the heartbroken" can't wait to finally hear red!!! even though i hoped that the re-recordings would be here sooner, but this is great news regardless <3
  2. don't give her any ideas she will take advantage of this and just not release anything ever again
  3. such a cute song, the bridge especially is lovely. i always play this as the album opener, like an intro. ngl it's nothing special but works so well when played right before chemtrails the title track. cause I'm ready to leave LA and I want you to come --> I'm on the run with you, my sweet love even though i can kinda see why it was a disappointment as a single (a song that should build up the hype not make everyone bored) i definitely think that it doesn't deserve all of the trashing.
  4. spilled safe to say i've become obsessed with Text Book, truly a masterpiece. kinda reminds me of the greatest and hope. tbh was not too sure about this direction for the album when the three singles dropped but now i'm hooked and so excited. maybe the next album will be that rich, trippy and experimental sister but this sound works great for me as well
  5. ppl are saying that the 3 BB tracks we got last week must be laced with drugs because they're so good but have you heard White Dress I will never be over that song, it's mesmerisingly glamorous yet simple, it's something I have never experienced before yet something that feels like home
  6. maybe you snapped getting so annoyed with all the unprofessional shit like if you really hate promoting your stuff and being famous you could just shut up and release the album when it's done. if you only care about writing music then do just that. surprise releases are way better than just dropping random info and dates and getting people hyped and then annoyed when nothing happens i mean of course she gets people to talk like this as well when everyone is confused as f*ck but how good is that for the long run
  7. well if this is the case, then we must also have something in the lines of bartender, love song, the greatest & california coming soon not necessarily in terms of sound but beauty and greatness and a boppy, summery cover like doin' time
  8. yeah i saw her on the festival tour of 2019 and almost wish i wouldn't have she looked pretty, sounded pretty (whenever we could hear her over the background track) and venice bitch live was truly a moment. but there was just no any magic, to think that i'd waited for years to see her perform i had such high expectations. and she just... was there. love her to death but still
  9. even though the tracks we got yesterday didn't change my world and yes i was a bit disappointed because we didn't get something majestic i still love her so much that i'd probably just listen to her sneeze regardless i think the tracks, especially lyrics are beautiful and i love how she stays true to herself and her art. she becomes even more vulnerable with her lyrics, and hell who would've known it would be even possible??? she truly is a poet at heart and even though i now think that i would love some different kinds of sounds, i'm sure that listening to her newer stuff will open even more doors. maybe i'm not madly in love with the tracks right now but that doesn't mean i'll never be. who knows maybe those and some new artists' songs that i will find because they sound similar to her new stuff will be my favourite songs in the next couple of years
  10. lover

    Lady Gaga

    "but your body remembers" <\3 as a victim of sexual abuse her work has for many years been there for me because sometimes i swear you can hear the pain from her music. songs like dance in the dark, swine, 911, alice... it sticks with you for life. you can learn how to cope with it, but it's always there. almost like you're constantly dirty because you feel someone touching you and how that has affected her physical wellbeing wow i can't even no matter where she ends up with her career i just hope that she finds peace and happiness because she of all people deserves it. she has brought love and joy to millions of people with her art even after it went through such a rough place.
  11. not long ago i re-listened to that 2018 interview where she discussed LFL and when it came to 13 beaches she said: "my mother was always telling me... like i could never come home from school so i'd stay outside until it's dark"
  12. lover

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    the title track is so good omg she really is back and i just listened to man's world and i'm positive that it and venus fly trap will include a badass transition i'm so excited
  13. that's so funny lmao i love it when people keep their word ... lana could never
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