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  1. my theory - the project is a documentary of her life filmed by Charlie grey gardens style / interview magazine style and Blue Banisters album is an accompanying soundtrack
  2. the snippet made me tear up a little! so gorgeous! i want her to get everything she wants in life so badly! she deserves every blessing when she says" take away my pain" it reminds of another song that i can't place. it's driving me crazy... what is it?
  3. the rock candy sweet photo is like how she sees herself as bright, pink, sweet and good baked all the way through. the blue banisters version is like through the media's lens
  4. not manifesting this but- Blue Banisters feels like a poem to me. it makes me think of a kid sitting near the top of a staircase looking/listening through the banisters feeling sad and trapped while her parents are fighting downstairs. evokes a sense of imprisonment like behind the iron gates. hope it's a sexy song instead though of course
  5. Lana is not uneducated or ignorant. She's a decent person who thought of something nice to say about a public figure who passed away. She's open-minded enough to have her own opinions outside the hypocritical, hive-minded, mob, and brave enough to express them in public. This is why we are drawn to her art, consciously or subconsciously. The culture truly is sick, but the tides are turning hopefully. Get free
  6. My signed cd art card looks like "Lana Del Ray" with an "A" LOL
  7. Rock opera album like pink Floyd's the Wall with a soft song like Goodbye blue sky?
  8. I think rock candy sweet is a single and the album is called The Revenge of Lana Del Rey
  9. She's my hero for not bowing down to the mob. She never said or did anything wrong. I was so proud of her last year and happy for her success afterwards!
  10. She said she was baked good and sweet all through (Or something like that)
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