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  1. I love the new single, they keep amazing me the intro and outro are so cool, whereas the verses sound, dare I say it, psychedelic in a way Lol I don't want to bring random genres in but that's how they felt to me, they transported me in this hazy dimension and then that sudden tempo change... I wasn't expecting that! Also, this song being 6:22 minutes long, go for it kings I need to listen a few more times to really process it though, especially the lyrics which I wasn't really focusing on, like Clampigirl already said hehe @Venice Peach welcome you joined just in time for a new single lol
  2. I joined a bit later, but luckily I was able to catch it I'm very curious to know the title of this song and to see how it turns out once we have the studio version (I guess it's from their debut album ?), I'm so intrigued now, the outro sounds cool Also, I wasn't able to work out any of the lyrics either Tysm for screenrecording it, I'll go back to this snippet anytime I'll be craving a taste from their debut album (in terms of songs we haven't heard before of course)
  3. Lavender Sunshine

    Song vs. Song

    Serene Queen vs 13 beaches
  4. Wow I'm so used to seeing pics of Lana's fake signature that I'm actually impressed by them putting effort in signing all those vinyls
  5. those nights were on fire, we couldn't get higher, we didn't know that we had it all
  6. Ikr I know that will never be the case, but let me just manifest that kind of vibe for RCS I'd even take Chuck shooting the album cover if it means having to include everything I dreamt about
  7. Last night I dreamt that I went to the beach with Lana, Chuck and someone who looked like Dan Auerbach, all while Wayamaya was playing in the background. This is weird as I've only ever seen one pic of Dan, the one where Lana and him are leaning against the wall anyway, it was my first time dreaming about Lana, so I'm glad it involved the hawaiian glam metal/surf noir masterpiece that is Wayamaya
  8. The Lana speaks pin looks so cool ugh
  9. Lavender Sunshine

    Song vs. Song

    Black Beauty vs Art Deco
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/BG58SNYTAXrSz1xOSzDHmTvlJAg08RvE-obric0/
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