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  1. the way this thread doesn't even show up in the main page anymore
  2. lemonadetan


    california's cute but it sounds like a washed out nfr/daddy's home demo, it has no punch whatsoever and it seems like helen of troy is the next one leaking, it ain't looking good for ms. girl...
  3. i always knew there was something special about cherry blossom
  4. me listening to this one
  5. and now we don't even know if it's really going to be called blue banisters
  6. sis cant even decide if it's going to be called rock candy sweet or blue banisters or pussy popping on ventura or whatever i'm tired of her hoe ass bye
  7. lemonadetan


    sis really gave us a whole new aesthetic and dipped
  8. you really make up for your name huh
  9. she added change to lfl last minute before the album was sent to the label to go into print, so unless she's making a digital release first (which i doubt) the fact that she added a song last minute means we're getting the new album in 3-4 months at least we lost HARD sis... edit: i just saw the 2022 date lol well but here is the tea anyways
  10. the way i was away for one month and i didn't miss anything
  11. lemonadetan


    this is some tepid tea i got about b10, not a big deal but it's something
  12. so, whats popping? anything new?
  13. arvo pärt - alina (can't find on youtube the particular recording i'm listening) very beautiful minimalist classical composition
  14. i can see cherry blossom being a cute lullaby closing the album
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