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  1. well the album did an avalanche down the charts so clearly I’m not the only boring one then
  2. It’s not any kind of album. You can’t dance to it, cry to it, smoke to it, drive around to it...it’s just there
  3. I just want her to be shaking her titties like two maracas in every video
  4. I would die on the spot (Nicki and Cardi can’t be in the same room tho lmfao)
  5. idgaf what she does anymore but I want a rough sex anthem and a stoner anthem
  6. I don’t post for like two days and this thread descends into anarchy. LanaBoards needs me!
  7. She was addicted to meth around that time. You can tell in certain pics, she looks very unhealthy. And she verbatim said she was clean from meth on Facebook in the born to die days. Drugs have been a constant in her life tbh.
  8. I wish LB had a “summarize” button cause I have no idea what you guys are talking about and I do not feel like reading
  9. If she calls Rocky and not Nicki Minaj I swear I will do something to end up on the National news
  10. Yeah sometimes I feel like the growing disconnect me and her is the age difference lol. Like I’m 22 so maybe albums like NFR and Chemtrails are just not meant for me.
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