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  1. rightofjupiter

    Charli XCX

    here for her satanic panic era!! Between this and new Halsey we are in for a truly demonic early fall
  2. Um the song in the new film trailer is a banger?? Me of 5yrs ago is horrified to see me stamping my damn Halsey stan card but life comes at u fast etc
  3. rightofjupiter

    Song vs. Song

    Looking for America vs. Dance Til We Die
  4. Ok kind of excited af for the movie (though I agree @Thunder Corpse it will prob be cringey); love a melodramatic album rollout. Excited to see that ATL will be screening it!
  5. Excited for this album- have loved the tracks she’s released over the past year
  6. lmao SAME but tbh i am thinking about going to see nikki when she hits athens...if covid isn't outta control (again) by then
  7. rightofjupiter


    saaaame and loving stoned at the nail salon too
  8. i love the record version too but YES, the demo is incredible BTD & Paradise I mostly agree but not UV!! IMO it sounds more like a follow up to AKA than BTD/Paradise.
  9. Norman Fucking Rockwell: 12 Mariners Apartment Complex: 21 Venice Bitch: 26 Fuck it I love you: 13 Cinnamon Girl: 7 California: 21 The Greatest: 27 Bartender: 8 Hope: 10
  10. Off To The Races - 66 Video Games - 60 Million Dollar Man - 24
  11. Honeymoon - 42 Salvatore - 17 The Blackest Day - 64 this could go on literally forever, all 3 are utter perfection
  12. rightofjupiter

    Song vs. Song

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