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  1. rightofjupiter

    Charli XCX

    thinking about how i hope the janet album has songs in the vein of heart in my pocket, which is so early 90s and fun.
  2. rightofjupiter

    Song vs. Song

    love song vs. valley of the dolls
  3. feel the exact same way! the only thing i liked was the chorus of live in the dream. hope i feel diff about whatever the next project is.
  4. rightofjupiter

    Song vs. Song

    TJF vs Cherry Blossom
  5. i am so sad to say this but none of the new songs have really connected with me (though i listened to PYWIP a bit when it first came out). pre-ordered the vinyl when it was announced so i'll def be giving it a full listen, but this might be another s/t for me in that it just doesn't hit for some reason. i used to love reading interviews with her and lately even her interviews seem uninteresting to me...just the same info over and over again. i know that's what a lot of press is, but i don't get a real sense of her being excited by this album or about her artistry atm. may be totally wrong, obvs.
  6. rightofjupiter

    Song vs. Song

    Mermaid motel vs. pin up galore
  7. this song!! and the whole new mess verson woud love lana to do some super reverb heavy vocal effects
  8. oooo ok i feel like COCC is cornflower & carolina and the forthcoming one will be sapphire/prussian/navy ombre
  9. lana lives at this intersection now and honestly i love it
  10. little eyes by samantha schweblin
  11. also i envy the amount of eyelid space she has lolol
  12. yes such classic lana glam! & a v cute lil live, wish she'd do ones like that more often
  13. i love this june carter song (and her look here is SO good, lana come back to blue eyeshadow!), could see lana doing such a great cover:
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