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  1. Mer


    ohhhhhhh hahahahahaha that makes more sense
  2. Mer


    bestie if NFR was ranked at 19 and Melodrama at 8, you’re not the making the compelling case I think you’re trying to...
  3. said i'd come back every may, so here i am, now lady lay we can go down to Saint Tropez, and paint those bannisters blue. made these lyrics up and they've been stuck in my head all day
  4. I would love something really kind of new for her and almost minimalist? Kinda like the new Fearless cover. Something well shot and clean like the Niel COTCC cover.
  5. Adding to the fact, Interscope probably makes the most money off of her vinyls. So I think they're hesitant to release the album without having a huge supply of vinyls already pressed and ready to go. Imagine if COTCC had really come out in Sept. (on streaming and CDs) and the vinyl didn't come until March--Interscope would've lost a tonnnn of sales (COTCC broke some records for most vinyls sold I think). It must be hard for her to convince the label to let her release her music before everything's ready to go.
  6. Anyway. I would love for her to work with Weyes Blood on some more tracks (non-covers). I feel like Weyes would be the perfect co-writer/producer to Lana and help evolve her sound into a mesh between NFR/COTCC and HM/UV!
  7. Mer

    Song vs. Song

    cruel world vs. wild at heart
  8. The day lana del rey allows L*dy G*g* to even LISTEN to one of her tracks in a recording studio is the day I leave.
  9. Just making sure he doesn't see it and decide to cut us off from info LMAOOO. Sorry BOZ!
  10. regardless of boz saying there's a delay/pushback, has any major artist released an album NOT on a Friday recently???? edit: sorry sorry it autocorrected boz to bozo I wasnt trying to incite anything!!!!
  11. OT (sorry Elle) bestie you need to read the book. its an entirely different beast, all together.
  12. She looks so happy! I think I'll buy her sunscreen if I ever see her
  13. Unless the snippet we heard for BB is wildly different from the rest of the songs production I can NOT see how it's a Mike Dean track. Just looking at Mike Dean's discography and it's full of Beyonce, Madonna, Kanye West, Selena Gomez, and Travis Scott.
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